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Sat, 01 Aug 2015


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Chinese astrology has The Year of the Goat - or of the Snake. Such concepts exist in the western tradition too. And just as those oriental years are not always an exact 12-month period, so our own start and end dates can vary. August marks Jupiter's departure from Leo, thus the completion of the Year of the Lion. Here begins the year of the Harvest Goddess. It is over a decade since the world last came under such a spell. A new sense of hope, possibility and potential for prosperity begins to awaken in the hearts of millions soon.

The current Full Moon is special. It is a time when destiny can be fulfilled and potential unleashed. A full personal horoscope based on your birth details will help you fulfil your destiny. It will show you the way to break free from the past and feel positive about the future. Right now, there's a 20% discount of all charts (Offer ends TODAY)

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