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Sat, 02 Aug 2014


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If you want to wish upon a star, you may be better off in the Northern Hemisphere this month. The annual Perseid meteor shower should show a shower of silvery streaks between August 10 and 13. Such spectacles confer, upon all who witness them, a traditional entitlement to seek a boon from the cosmos. But as if to demonstrate that the universe is fair, August 4 provides a special chance, Down Under, to take in the rare, stunning sight of the Moon passing in front of Saturn. For us all, that signifies a month when wild hope triumphs over dull convention.

What's your true heart's desire? How can the heavens help you get it? inspiring answers are hidden in your horoscope; the blueprint of your future, bestowed on you at birth by a kindly cosmos. Let me reveal what's in your own, personal map of the sky and help you navigate safely and successfully, all the way from here... to the future of your dreams.

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