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Sat, 25 Jun 2016

Your Week Ahead: It's time you stopped dwelling on a missed opportunity. The past is the past. Aquarians know this better than anyone. You're normally good at looking ahead, identifying problems and seeing what needs to be done. But sometimes this is easier to do with other people's issues than your own. We can all be blinded by perspective. And we all occasionally need a dose of our own medicine. This week, an obstacle in your path is starting to shift. You'll realise that by pushing against it, you've been holding it in place the whole time.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Love isn't all big statements and grand gestures. It's worth more than that. Love is time and sacrifice. When we buy someone a gift, the amount it costs is only important relative to the amount it took to save. A £3,000 diamond necklace is no sacrifice for a billionaire investor. But, spend all day, every day at the arcade, trying to hook a gold plastic ring with an unresponsive claw crane and you'll think differently. Show how you care in the form of dedication this week. Prove to someone that they're worth the time and they will see that you're worth the effort.

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