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Sat, 19 Jul 2014

Your Week Ahead: Sometimes people take the most convoluted routes from A to B. They feel more comfortable going via the places they know. They figure that, in the end, it is probably quicker than to risk misreading a map and going even further out of their way. Then, one day, someone shows them a short-cut and suddenly, the quicker path is no longer so unfamiliar. You are about to be helped in a similar way, not necessarily with a journey, but with a process that has been taking up far too much of your time, energy and concentration.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: There is a little invisible man who lives inside your shoe. He is only very small and he gets well out of the way every time you put your foot inside it. But as he is a magical character and I practise a magical tradition, he's asked me to have a word with you about the way you are walking these days. Your gait is not as confident as it was. It is almost as if you are limping or you have lost your centre of balance. Yet really, nothing need impede you. You can recover from all recent stress in your emotional journey. Just put your best foot forward.

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