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Sat, 24 Jan 2015

Your Week Ahead: People who act with supreme confidence frequently perform acts of supreme stupidity. The doubts, the uncertainties and even the fears that you are now experiencing may not be creating a great sense of pleasure... but, if they are drawing your attention to a genuine cause for concern, they are working in your favour. Only by treating this delicate issue with due deference are you going to safely avoid trouble. That means having the humility to concede a possible error, even if this briefly hurts your pride.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Who can you trust? In what can you have some real faith? How awful it is to feel let down. How disappointing to suspect that we have been fooled or tricked in some way. It only has to happen once and we grow terribly guarded. We'd rather think the worst of everyone than be caught out and made to feel foolish. But then, we can end up looking just as silly when we start doubting something authentic. In your emotional life now, if you give the benefit of the doubt, who will benefit? You will! Trust yourself.

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