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Sat, 18 Oct 2014

Your Week Ahead: With each passing day you are finding it easier to be impartial and objective. You are no longer so anxious, so apprehensive or so prone to misreading signs and signals. You can see, much more clearly, what's going on. Some people say that it can't harm to get a second opinion. But if your judgement is accurate and that second opinion causes you to discount it, it could be most detrimental. A powerful New Moon suggests that if you are seeking a source of impeccable advice, look no further than the nearest mirror.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: You are in a position that you are not completely sure you want to be in. There are aspects of your situation that you like and many things to be grateful for; yet there are many factors that you feel uncomfortable about. It seems as if life has been less than fair and you must now deal with circumstances that you resent. You can let this bug you or you can rise above it. Actually, you don't have a choice! Accept, trust and prepare to undergo a process of exchange and interaction in your emotional life that brings surprisingly deep joy.

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