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Sat, 04 Jul 2015

Your Week Ahead: What kind of people are the type who change the world? Relaxed, laid-back, mellow folk rarely quiz convention or push at the boundaries. Easy-going, mild-mannered, accepting individuals may allow others to foist progress upon them but they're rarely the ones who push it. If things need to move on, then, just as essential must be the folk who are willing to move them on. And... er... that's where you come in. Long have you believed that something can be better. And this week, you can start to make that a reality.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Speak gently and sweetly to someone who matters. If they are not speaking so gently and sweetly to you, be all the more generous and kind. If, where there's conflict, you reflect it back, you will amplify it. If, instead, you show forgiveness and understanding, you will not be a 'loser'. You will help raise the level of interaction, improve an unnecessarily tense situation and reassure a particular person that it is safe to confide in you. They may then say something that's surprisingly helpful to everyone!

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