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Sat, 22 Oct 2016

Your Week Ahead: The world places great emphasis on the concept of 'winning and losing'. I blame the deification of sport! Athletes striving for an extra nanosecond off their speed, or an additional fraction on their goal-to-game ratio, inspire us to go for glory. We watch with bated breath as they struggle to earn coveted medals. All that pressure, and potential for disappointment. So, what kind of success do you now seek? Do you really need to beat anyone to achieve it? This week, there's a competitive Mars-Uranus link in the lead up to a powerful Venus-Saturn conjunction. It suggests that your greatest victories will result from a team effort.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Have you ever tried to grip a bar of wet soap? It's something most of us play at when we're kids. You find that the harder you squeeze, the quicker it slips out of your hand. In order to keep hold of it, your grip must be a little looser. Currently, you may be feeling as if someone has too tight a hold on you. You're looking for a reason to squirm away. But it's not the actual hand you resent, it's just the way it's holding and restricting you. Before you go flying off in your own direction, consider sticking around. As Mercury changes signs, you can negotiate a softer approach.

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