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Sat, 21 Nov 2015

Your Week Ahead: We should be grateful for every magical moment that we ever get to spend on this precious planet. We should be particularly glad of the times when we feel exasperated. That is almost certainly when we are being given the opportunity to learn the most valuable lessons. A chance, of course, means nothing unless you take it. But if, this week, you take a good look at the situation which you might prefer to look as far away from as you can, you may soon see something splendid, hidden in the midst of it all.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Fairy tales often end with happy-ever-afters. As many stories involve a romantic element, impressionable children may expect their own love lives, when they grow up, to bring endless contentment. That strikes an interesting contrast with reality as most of us know it. For the single and the partnered alike, life often seems more like an endless negotiation through tricky territory. Things may not be quite as you wish they were in your emotional life now. But that is only so you can get closer to a happier future.

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