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Sat, 18 Apr 2015

Your Week Ahead: When the good times are rolling in, we soon forget all about the bad ones. And when times are tough? Strangely, we begin to fear that it has been ever thus and that even the stuff of our happiest memories must have come about by fluke. Why should we ever expect things to improve again? Your reasons for feeling disappointed are understandable enough now. But they should not be interpreted as reliable indicators of your future prospects. Where things have taken a downturn, they will soon start to take an upturn.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Are you under psychological pressure? You feel as if you are up against something or someone oppressive. You face an enemy, a problem, a barrier somewhere in your emotional life. You are going to be successful. Everything will work out well, but you need to be careful about the judgements you reach and the words you choose. Some statements may prove more powerful than you intend them to be. Be sure you know how something has really begun before you assume too much about how it is going to end.

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