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Sat, 18 Feb 2017

Your Week Ahead: Once in a while we all need to take the plunge and take an action which will turn a casual relationship into something more substantial. And this doesn't apply only to romantic involvements. Intimate relationships are critical to our wellbeing. Someone who's been in your peripheral line of vision is worthy of being brought into focus this weekend. Their influence and ideas can inspire you. They can offer valuable perspective. Trust your instincts and listen to their advice. There's much this alliance can teach you.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: In a strange way, this week brings you to the culmination of a personal process that you've been going through for months, possibly even years. You've been contemplating a brave and significant change. You've been wondering what might happen if you were to let go of a fear and replace it with a hope. As a minor T-square forms, with your ruler as its focus, a tense drama now puts you in a position from which it's easier to be brave. Either you let a negative emotion dominate your life, or you throw yourself into a gesture of faith. Go for it!

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