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Sat, 23 May 2015

Your Week Ahead: Doesn't anybody ever listen to a word you say? Do cartels of critics conspire to thwart your every ambition and undermine what authority you have worked so hard to attain? Is there any point in you investing so much effort on your own personal path to progress, when it seems as if it is being deliberately strewn with stumbling blocks? Your sense of outrage is understandable, but don't hold it too close to your heart this week, for the cosmos does not intend to subject you to much more ignominy. Expect better. You may yet get it.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Who is missing a trick? Why are they missing it? Might it be because they've seen the trouble this trick could get them into and they've decided they're better off missing that? There's a fine line, sometimes, between wise caution and foolish fear. The real question in your emotional life now, is whether a choice is being made consciously or unconsciously. Is something happening by mistake or by choice? Have consequences been considered or has the path of least resistance just been slavishly followed?

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