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Sat, 24 Jan 2015

Your Week Ahead: We talk so much, we speak so often, we hold endless meetings, encounters and conversations. Yet how often do we really listen to each other? Frequently, we find ourselves thinking more about what we are going to say next, than about whatever someone else has just said. Then we wonder why we feel so estranged and alone. Or why we can't understand someone or why they don't seem to understand us. If you want to make progress in a sensitive situation now, do less talking and more wholehearted, listening.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Some people love to worry. If they haven't got something to feel bad about, they start to feel really bad! Problems keep them interested. Disadvantages give them something to overcome. Make life too easy for them and you will present them with a difficulty more daunting than they can cope with. In your emotional life now, you can see the solution to a puzzle that someone else is perplexed by. Just make sure, before you try too hard to help them out, that they actually want your assistance.

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