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Sat, 15 Oct 2016

Your Week Ahead: The Full Moon brings a situation to maximum intensity. Even if you have, so far, kept your feelings under control, you may find it hard to suppress a sense of anger about an unfair, oppressive situation. Something is trying your patience. A change is necessary. And change will come. But let it be something you transcend towards, rather than what's left from the wreckage. Better to 'rise above' an irritating factor than let it drag you down. Focus this week on building a road to success, rather than planning a means of escape.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus:

Relationships go through phases. First of all there's the initial attraction, the exciting spark, the nervousness and anticipation. Of course, these feelings then subtly change. Eventually there's a shift when things become less about 'I' and more about 'we'. This week, the skies suggest that a relationship is ready to move on to the next stage. Your focus is shifting. Instead of looking to satisfy your own emotional cravings you are beginning to understand the value of what you and someone important can achieve together. Think about this and embrace the bigger picture now.

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