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Sat, 18 Oct 2014

Your Week Ahead: There are seven billion people on this planet. If you think that's a lot, imagine how many trees there must be. Or birds. So, how many problems are there? You can argue this one of two ways. As we all have more than one each, there may be trillions. Or perhaps there are no more than two or three problems from which we all suffer to a greater or lesser extent. Either way, you're not up against anything now that's wildly unusual and, as Venus now forms a sweet alignment to Mars, much that has been difficult will get easier.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: We arrive in this world with no idea about anything. This is a blessing. It is a sacred state of mind. To have no expectation, no opinion, just a simple willingness to appreciate all that life brings. Why, that's wonderful beyond words. Yet, some see it as terrible. The sooner that child is educated, they think, the better. The question is, can we overcome ignorance without compromising innocence. You are tempted now, to take such a view of a situation in your emotional life. Don't. The only road to happiness is the open one.

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