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Sat, 04 Jul 2015

Your Week Ahead: Where are we safe? When are we secure? Doesn't life, too often, seem like a perilous journey between precarious positions? How are we to cope when the things we cling to for comfort have inadequate foundations? What if we place too much trust in promises that can't be kept or sources of support that can't be sustained? How can we find the strength we need? This week, despite a somewhat unnerving recent experience, you will be blessed with a way to mend what's broken and heal a wound.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: You can't always tell what other people are thinking. You aren't invariably, infallibly psychic. Yet, every so often, you pick up on something. You get a sense of what others are thinking or feeling. Sometimes, it comes to you so strongly that you simply can't shake it off. You are now keenly conscious of a mood, an atmosphere or a way of behaving that others around you are enthusiastically embracing. Be sensitive, by all means, with close companions - but don't feel obliged to join in with a game that you don't want to play.

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