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Sat, 24 Jan 2015

Your Week Ahead: The worst is really not going to happen but if you prepare for big bad news, a minor difficulty will seem easy by comparison. The secret of success involves appreciating what you've got. Don't waste time feeling upset if this doesn't match your idea about what you ought to have. Develop love and appreciation, even for things you are not so sure of, and for the people you are in conflict with. Then you will find that, somehow, others direct love and appreciation towards you - and with this, comes the best!

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Every coin has a head and a tail. Every situation has an upside and a downside. Every human being has a personality that can shine like a star or cast a deep dark shadow. We can't always just conveniently rearrange our lives so that we always get to see the positive while keeping the negative fully repressed. Indeed, if we don't acknowledge the dual nature of our existence, we run the risk of becoming tricked or trapped. Recognise what is possibly wrong in your emotional life, but then focus on what is right.

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