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Sat, 15 Nov 2014

Your Week Ahead: Have you got what you want? Or what you think you want? Or what you think you ought to want? Often, when our aims and objectives are first fulfilled, we feel so pleased that we simply cannot think past the moment of elation. Only after a while do we discover whether we were chasing a dream or pursuing a truly practical plan. Then again, sometimes we have deep initial doubts about developments that turn out much better than we expected them to. Let a little more time pass this week, and don't worry.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: Outward, physical, appearance is such a trivial thing. It is fleeting, too. Our looks have an agenda of their own, regardless of how we try to adjust or control them. Happily, our hearts are much more responsive to a little conscious intervention. We can change the way we feel, just by deciding that we're going to feel differently. Sometimes we can do this instantly. Sometimes, it takes a while to happen. But it happens! Never mind how things appear to be now. Reality is yours to alter if you're ready to work at it.

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