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Sat, 23 May 2015

Your Week Ahead: If I pass you an old bracelet can you tell us something about the person who used to wear it? If I think of a triangle, can you tell us whether I am thinking of a square, a cross or a triangle? Oh no, that's not right. Psychics must be so careful not to confuse what they can detect through logic and observation with the existence of some genuine extra-sensory gift. But that doesn't mean that such gifts don't exist. This week's square from Venus to Uranus awakens your deepest intuition and you make a set of deeply wise choices.

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus: It is not just your love life that is soon due to improve. Your financial situation should get slightly less stressful too. That doesn't necessarily mean you will be wealthier, just that you will feel more relaxed about the level of wealth or poverty that you currently enjoy (or suffer). But the same is true of your love life. Happiness isn't always about who you are with or who wants to be with you. It's about whether or not you feel comfortable. Change an old attitude... and all the other changes you need will happen automatically.

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