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Your Year Ahead 2014

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Between 2012 and 2015 a series of seven rare right angles are being formed between Uranus and Pluto. 2014 brings a further pair of these powerful squares. It is due to be a splendid year for all of us. There will, of course, be downs as well as ups but no matter how big some of those challenges turn out to be, the opportunities they give rise to will be even bigger. Find out about 2014 in much more detail. What's going to happen? What does it mean for you? Get your 2014 'Guide to the Future' here.


2014 is due to be a very special year, during which all who seek greater wealth gain an opportunity to attain it. But money, as all wise souls know, is false and fickle. True wealth can only ever come to those who understand this. As if to underline that point, the world is currently under the influence of a rare, disruptive celestial alignment. In the circle of the zodiac, Uranus and Pluto are now forming a right angle of 90 degrees. Astrologers traditionally call this a 'square'. Squares are seen as harbingers of the kind of change that many find challenging and because both Uranus and Pluto are slow-moving and subject to the visual phenomenon of retrograde motion, they keep forming and re-forming their angular relationship over several years. This sequence of seven squares began in 2012. By the time it ends in March 2015, the whole world will be thinking very differently about what money is and what it means. I tell you much more in your 2014 Money Video forecast. Get it free here.


There is no written forecast about your Love-Life for the year ahead but you can watch the special video I've recorded. It's free and it's here!

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