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Your Year Ahead 2015

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Your General forecast for 2015
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Remember the credit crunch of 2008? An icy wind of recession was soon matched by a gale of chilling revelations about cheat and deceit in what were once bastions of respectable behaviour. Bankers broke their codes, politicians fiddled their expenses whilst senior officials in churches, schools, hospitals, even national broadcast organisations, apparently turned a historic blind eye to the perpetrators of sexual abuse.

All those shocking stories can be linked to a series of seven antagonistic alignments between Uranus and Pluto.

When slow-moving heavenly bodies form 'right angles' to each other across the zodiac, the impact can last years. As those right angles represent a clash between two heavenly archetypes, one of sudden awareness and one of deep, dark hidden power... no wonder the world has been reeling.

This latest storm began in 2008, hit its first peak in 2012 and has been exploding like a cosmic firecracker ever since. The final alignment is due in March 2015.

Astrologers knew this was coming. We'd been predicting it since the early 1930s, which is when the sky last saw a similar set of 'squares'. Some thought it would bring the collapse of the entire global economic system. Others had even been dreading the possibility of war.

Yet there has been something markedly different about the impact of this latest celestial sequence. Yes, we've seen a rise of the far right, Yes, we've heard the language of intolerance. Yes, too, you could interpret the stream of sorry news from across the Middle East as the world starting to spiral into conflict. But international mechanisms of commerce and trade have so far proved surprisingly robust. And where, once, widespread economic gloom might have provided convenient cover for warmongers, a more hopeful spirit has emerged. Governments can no longer so easily stoke the fires of fear with pernicious propaganda. The internet has organised us into new collectives, no longer so easily defined by traditional boundaries. Today, more people than ever are declaring a commitment to peace. Pacifists are now activists!

Though each of the seven sharp alignments has caused the great and the good to look less worthy, the rest of us have started to find our hearts and voices. 2015 may yet be the year in which nobler ideals prevail.

Indeed, given the imminent influence of the great Solar Eclipse, due in March 2015, we have every reason to be hopeful.

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Money forecast
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How is the global economic outlook in 2015? That depends on who you are, what you want and what choices you have? Most of us would like to know that the economy will be stable, that it will grow fast enough to create opportunity but not so fast as to fuel inflation and that wealthier people, all over the world, will feel able to support to the poor. But most of us are not all of us. And if events of the 21st century have sought to teach us anything so far, they surely sought to show us that there's no such thing as normal.

A dark shadow has been hanging over the world since 2008. Uranus and Pluto didn't fully form the first of their seven, once-every-60-years-or-so squares till 2012. But these symbolic celestial bodies move slowly and their long-term oppressive influence began to kick in about four years earlier when the phrase 'credit crunch' was first heard. Official experts tell us the darker implications of this may be nearly over. Astrological experts are more cautious. Not until the last in this series of seven rare right angles completes, around March 17, 2015, can we be sure that we have seen the last wave of global tension and trauma.

Even then, there will be an overhang, though astrological tradition tells us that the way out from an intense alignment is always speedier than the time it took to start coming under its spell. The hangover won't last the rest of the year. But I'd be (pleasantly) surprised if one last big roar of international economic pain didn't echo over our heads in the next three months. They used to say that when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. Russia is currently laid up in bed with a nasty fever and a box of tissues. Japan has come out in spots. Are the rest of us really as immune to their problems as we might like to imagine?

But most nations have coped surprisingly well, so far, with seven years of economic stress and strain. If only in the belief that what doesn't destroy us only makes us stronger, we can look forward to a year in which most of the world, sooner or later, starts showing indications which, most experts would have to agree, look hopefully healthy.

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Love forecast
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Here are your emotional and romantic forecasts for 2015. First, I need to explain the astrological factors that have informed these. And I want to talk about... er... please don't groan and turn the page... politics!

What's love got to with this? Stick with me, dear reader. Political sympathy, loyalty and affiliation may have more to do with love and emotion than any of us ever realised.

It may be why so many of us vote with our hearts rather than our heads. It may also be why so many of us these days, when we think about politics and politicians, feel jilted, scorned, humiliated, hurt and cuckolded.

We don't just doubt that politicians can do anything worth doing. We're not even sure that we know what we want them to do! To quote that old Tina Turner hit once more, 'Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?'

Yet ever since 2008, a sharp alignment between Uranus and Pluto has hung like a shadow over the world. It has not just been responsible for economic doom and gloom. It has been behind most of the shocking revelations of bankers behaving badly, politicians abusing their expenses and 'conspiracies to protect the guilty in various institutions' All of which is exactly what an astrologer might expect Uranus and Pluto to expose! We've got one last wave of eyebrow-raising new stories in store. It may not be till March that we begin to get a break from reasons to wring our hands in exasperation at the apparent greed and stupidity of various people we expect to show leadership and sense. But we're nearly at the end of a seven-year cycle. The heart of the world is about to start beating again. To quote the Sixties' pop leviathans David and Jonathan: 'Lovers of the world unite. You alone know what is right.'

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