Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Aries, Year Ahead 2016

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General forecast

You commence 2016 in a quizzical mood, scrutinising various commitments and asking, 'Must I really be stuck with these?' It is as if you can sense the possibility of greater freedom. You are right to stop feeling as if second best is the best that you can get. This year you need no longer be overshadowed by the suspicion that if you try something and fail, the consequences will be immense.

That doesn't mean you are about to become reckless. It is simply that this year, you will see through something that was previously opaque. A dark cloud will become a pale mist. If you keep looking into it, you will eventually see the sunshine of genuine opportunity. Allow this to lighten your heart and raise your spirits, then discover how much being more enthusiastic helps. This won't just brighten your worldly prospects, it will help you get on better with the people around you and enjoy life more.

This year's rare Transit of Mercury suggests that what once looked as if it was going to stand in your way forever, is either about to get out of your way - or you are going to find a way round it.

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Love forecast

Why would anyone look to the heavens for an insight into their love life? Do we really feel such an important aspect of our existence is so entirely out of our own control? What does that say about how we see ourselves? Might it imply that we understand so little about others... or about our own feelings, that all experiences in the realm of interpersonal exchange are as random and unpredictable as the lottery?

Many of us tend to take a surprisingly passive view of romance. We dwell on what others have done, said or acted. We wonder what they will do or say, or how they will act next. We suspect our own ability to influence this is severely limited. If our hearts are radios, we see them as receivers not transmitters.

Yet powerful astrological forces will be at work in 2016. They will help you learn how ultimately, you do have control over how your love life shapes up, how the people you love relate to you and how, in turn you can better relate to all who matter to you. This includes the people who, sometimes, don't seem to make themselves very easy to love. That gets easier to understand them when we stop to consider how sometimes, we too, don't make ourselves as likeable as we could! We humans are enigmas, as much a mystery to ourselves as to others!

That said, this year's rare celestial alignments put you in a position where you can begin to take control of what you give out. According to the ancient laws of karma: what we give out tends to be what we get back. You, this year, can be the one who rises above potential conflict and sends out a strong positive signal about the possibility of peaceful co-existence. This will be perceived as attractive, which will then invite a constructive response. You already know how to come across as the kind of person that others want to be around but the Transit of Mercury will enable you to develop that ability. Just by having more confidence in your own power to get what you need... you'll discover you can get it! That will make such a big difference to your emotional and personal life.

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Money forecast

Your economic outlook for 2016 is surprisingly encouraging. You'll learn something about how you interact with money, and how money interacts with you. Whilst a lesson isn't automatically the same as a profit, you will gain from it in that having a better grasp of how to deal with something can aid in decision-making which brings benefits.

For some while, you have been confused about why, when you try to do one thing, something else seems to occur? What are the rules, systems and secret techniques that certain people seem to take for granted and which forever elude you? You suspect that, if you understood them, economic wellbeing would be more than just a distant dream. It only appears that way from a distance. Maybe other people look at you too, and think you are in a surprisingly advantageous position. This is due to be the year when you recognise that you are blessed and there is more working in your favour than you realise. You have been giving too much energy to a fear or an anxiety. You have been using up mental, and emotional strength in coping with imaginary threats instead of nurturing your natural ability to see and seize genuine chances.

Those chances exist. That's what this year's transit of Mercury is about. How you you see them, spot them and put them to work will be part of a year-long process. You may not win the lottery or make any kind of sudden spectacular gain but you will feel there has been a vast improvement in your sense of security and wellbeing, because events will finally allow you to relax enough to see how it is safe to assume that the cosmos has your best interests at heart.

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