Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Cancer, Year Ahead 2016

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General forecast

You are more prone than most of us to going out of your way for others. This year, you become clearer about when and where to draw a line. You won't turn into the kind of person who finds it all too easy to say 'no' and let people down. But sometimes to just freely give somebody what they want is not to give anybody what they need. There's one particular person, it seems, that you're extraordinarily eager to please. This is impeding your freedom.

The question you must ask in 2016 is, how far should you keep bending to suit them? Might it make more sense to stand further back? You can do a lot for others this year but you should always act out of inspiration, not obligation. You can make sacrifices but these should be because you feel genuinely moved, not because you somehow feel guilty. The difference in motivation is all the difference in the world. It is the difference between feeling like you are 'just about coping' and feeling that you are really enjoying life.

The rare Transit of Mercury, in 2016, blesses you with the genuine potential to find real magic every single day.

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Love forecast

The symbolic implication of this year's Transit of Mercury is that, all year long, the most powerful, positive, gift the sky will have to offer you will be the ability to move on from the past. Whether the past has been good, bad, or (far more likely) a mixture of both of those things, the future can free you from regret or resentment. Nothing curbs our ability to enjoy life like that tricky pair of emotions. In 2016, as you rise above them, you can share positivity, interact constructively and find how good can come, even of situations which might be considered fraught.

When there is an exchange of energy of any kind between two human beings, there is always going to be some tension. It doesn't matter how noble, high, enlightened or aware we are. Somehow, we have a way of bringing out both the best and the worst in each other. If we are not careful, we end up being only able to remember where and when the worst has been brought out. The best gets consigned to the wrong kind of memory bank; locked in an emotional vault, to which key-holders are sworn to secrecy or mesmerised into a form of forgetfulness that borders on denial! From this now remote and inaccessible dream, only insubstantial wistful memories emerge like wispy puffs of smoke from a distant cottage on a hazy horizon.

You will have reason to feel idealistic about this year's new experiences as you look back on them. If you build on them in the right way and work with the potential they offer you, you won't ever have to consign them to the past because they will remain part of a present which is full of hope and joy. There are, of course, are things which are wrong with your current situation. I'm not suggesting that you just need to learn to love every single aspect of the world the way it is. But you can reach an agreement, with yourself, to recognise and value that which is good and let it be the foundation, upon which you then construct an edifice of more meaningful interaction. That tower of strength is what can grow and will change your emotional life dramatically for the better, this year.

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Money forecast

Our ability to value ourselves highly enough has a very direct bearing on our ability to do well in the realm of financial and material stability. Though this year's rare, powerful Transit of Mercury is important to us all, for you as a Cancerian, it is probably the eclipses in March and September which are most potent in terms of the messages they carry about your sense of self-worth. If we don't think we're worth anything or if we think we have something to regret, this is bound to influence the decisions we make and the way we respond to opportunities. We may even persuade ourselves that the world doesn't owe us anything or we've done something that deserves remonstration from a disapproving cosmos. Once we talk ourselves into such a belief we may inadvertently, unconsciously misinterpret newly arising developments. Instead of thinking, 'Aha, this is my cosmic gift!' we may say 'Oh, this situation is going to bring a problem. I'd better look out.'

Yet there will be very little for you to be sorry for or to feel sorry about during this year full of heavenly gifts and cosmic invitations. Here come chances to move on from where you've previously been and see where positive possibility awaits. Help this progress occur by deciding, in 2016, not to dwell on where you've been and what you've done. By all means, draw on your experience but where experience seems to have taught you that you are destined to fail, you are learning the wrong lesson!

The year provides a chance to construct a new personal paradigm; a vision of yourself living in a world that is bright, hopeful, inspiring. You can see your future as encouraging, offering you just what you need. You can even legitimately think, if it helps you, about guardian angels, tapping you on the shoulder saying, 'Look what I've led you to!' You're going to be offered options and choices. You can use these to move further away from stress and closer to a genuine sense of security.

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