Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Capricorn, Year Ahead 2016

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General forecast

They say that people born under your sign are like fine wines. They mature slowly and improve with age. As you now grow another year older, you are becoming more sure of yourself. People born under your sign are supposed to work very hard and not care how much is demanded of them, as long as they get a chance to take on more responsibilities. This may be a year during which you actually begin to understand why they say such things.

You are about to start recognising the potential that you have always had but have not perhaps been able to use. This powerful year brings Saturn ever further into the12th house of your solar chart plus a rare Transit of Mercury. This enables you to see what is possible. Often, we don't really trust what we can imagine. We feel it is too airy-fairy. Thus we doubt our own ability to fulfil our dreams, especially if we are unfortunate enough to share our time with people who are similarly doubtful.

Yet in 2016, regardless of who or what may currently be sapping your strength, there is a way forward. You'll make positive progress and will enjoy it tremendously.

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Love forecast

Love doesn't always come about in quite the way that the storybooks lead us to expect. Even when we feel it, we aren't assured of the highs and lows that dramatists seemingly promise. Breathtaking, life-changing moments occur only if things are going very wrong or very right. Most of the time, we just trundle along, interacting. It is only when the smoke of a problem gets in our eyes that we begin to feel as if our hearts are on fire. But lately, either your inner alarm has been setting off psychological sprinklers or you have identified too many faults on your personal tectonic plate. Now you can think of almost nothing else. Yet soon you will also become able to see how all outstanding issues can be resolved.

It's strange how rapidly we get used to new developments once they've occurred. One minute a situation is so exciting, it's everything. The next minute, it's 'just the way things are now'. That may be fine, in so far as it brings a sense of stability. It is not though, so great if it swamps us with such a sense of immediate enormity that we feel we can no longer even cope with our day-to-day existence. Be aware of this syndrome as the imminent Transit of Mercury extends its influence over your life this year. It may seem, soon, as if you have been conducting an important emotional journey on 'automatic pilot'. In 2016, you get to wake up and realise this, seize the controls and start trying to assert your will over the direction your personal life seems to be heading in. That has the potential to create tension of its own. You can, of course, make choices that bring consequences. But that's a reason to relax, not to tense up.

This year, there will soon be a much-improved sense of ability to appreciate and celebrate the new, even where, up until now, everything has been almost all too familiar or too predictable. Exciting and encouraging change is going to come into your life. Be ready to make the most of it when it does.

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Money forecast

Is the very idea of a financial forecast enough to make you feel uncomfortable? You feel inclined to question various decisions that you have made in the past. You feel uncertain about choices that you have arrived at or actions that you have undertaken. As you review the seemingly irreversible commitments you have made, you start to feel uncomfortable. You keep thinking, 'If only I hadn't done that, then I wouldn't be facing this.' Then, a further thought occurs. 'If only I'd chosen this, instead of that, I might now be looking at a very different situation.' What is this tendency to dwell in the realm of might-have-been? It is nothing but self-doubt! Yet why do you fear that your best hasn't quite been good enough? Do you really suspect that the best you may deserve in 2016 is an ability to cling to safety by a hair's breadth as the wild pendulum of financial fortune swings this way and that, threatening with each new move to sweep you into a quagmire of confusion? That's a false fear! Actually, your outlook is re-assuring and comforting.

Although it is true that you will need to be brave. Sometimes, though, an action of bravery isn't also an act of stupidity. It could be the magical spark that lights a candle of hope which then sustains a flame of opportunity. You may not believe that taking yourself out of your comfort zone is a wise way to go but even if you don't take yourself out of it this year, you can reap a reward from past occasions when you have allowed that to happen, consciously or unconsciously.

If you have allowed yourself, for any reason, to develop the impression that, somehow, there is nothing in store this year but a grim, struggle for survival, think again. Think in terms of a comfortable rise up the gradient on the graph of success. Think of your spiritual and material elevation to the point where you feel like you really are going somewhere. Think of overcoming doubt about yourself, and replacing it with much deserved confidence. Those thoughts, in 2016, are the ones that have greatest relevance to the reality that is to come.

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