Your Zodiac Forecasts, from Jonathan Cainer
Your Zodiac Forecasts, from Jonathan Cainer

Gemini, Year Ahead 2015

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General forecast

"Since we cannot know all that there is to be known about anything, we ought to know a little about everything."

So said Blaise Pascal, the philosopher. He was a Gemini, too. How can we ignore his wise words as we contemplate the cosmic climate for 2015?

Mars, towards the middle of this year, will pass through Gemini just as Saturn opposes it from the point in its orbit that brings it nearest to Earth. For astronomers it is a reason to take out the telescope. For Geminis, an invitation to hold up a microscope... to the mirror! You might never know all that there is to be known but there's one thing that you ought to know about your own determination to know a little about everything. It occasionally causes you to close doors that ought to be left open. The trouble with all those doors, leading off all those corridors in the great maze of the Gemini brain, is that their hinges have a tendency to seize. Even when born blessed with an intellect as quick and copious as yours, 'out of sight' can swiftly become 'out of mind'.

Events, this year, will provoke you until eventually you rediscover an abandoned plan. That may prove awkward but the enormous rewards will yet affect every area of your life.

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Money forecast

If you really want to succeed, in 2015, take time to dwell on some of the things which may have gone wrong in the past. How badly wrong did they really go? Have you consigned, to the landfill of history, a rare, valuable experience that might be far better dug up, cleaned off and profitably recycled? And might there be, attached to this incorrectly categorised 'mistake', a degree of shame or embarrassment that even now, you can hardly bring yourself to recall? Even if I tell you that there's no need to shudder, perhaps you still wish I would change the subject and save you from further cringe-worthy memories. Ha! You do, don't you! Well then, THAT'S the very thing I'm talking about. It's time to see all that happened in a very different light... and revoke the promise you once made to yourself, never to remember this time of failure. With just a little twist and tweak, it can become the foundation of a financial triumph in 2015. Have you not since witnessed, with your very own eyes, fate take many such twists and turns? Have you never wondered how your own destiny might have been so much more munificent had it only taken such a turn for you? Well then, here's your chance. And here's your year.

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Love forecast

I have a special New Year's gift for you. Please accept it in the spirit of the season. While you remove the imaginary wrapper, I'll tell you what it contains. It is... a time machine! Now don't frown and put it down. As far as your love life is concerned, it really is just what you always wanted. Or at least, it will be, once you've opened it up, turned it on... and set the controls for the future. Yes. That's right. The future you dread. The one you generally tend to avoid thinking about in order to keep yourself emotionally sane and safe. It seems you are anxious about something that you suspect you won't be able to cope with when it happens.

This uncomfortable conjecture is exacerbated by a memory of something painful that happened in your past. You didn't like it then. How can you look forward with trust to a potential repetition? 2015 will provide the certainty that things in the past were not all as bad as you saw them. Even if the longer-term future does contain bittersweet moments, they will be linked to events that are truly magical.

This year, finally free of an unnecessary fear, you'll make the most of a series of wonderfully delightful events and opportunities on the emotional and romantic front.

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