Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Gemini, Year Ahead 2016

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General forecast

The world often seems to be full of powerful people who don't recognise how powerful they are. You have more strength than you realise but, because you don't realise it, you are not always able to use it effectively. The big change that comes over your life this year is a subtle transformation of consciousness. As you begin to understand yourself better so you become more able to influence the outcome of key processes and to ensure that what you do has the right result.

The most significant changes of 2016 all come from a process of subtle personal evolution which involves you looking into the mirror of your soul and seeing a reflection which offers more depth, clarity and useful insight. Naturally, we think we know ourselves yet, once in a while, we surprise ourselves. This year's rare Transit of Mercury, where your ruling planet passes directly in front of the Sun, heralds a surprise that is delightful, and real. You'll discover greater abilities and strengths than you realise and be able to effect simple changes with enormous consequences.

In 2016, you'll become more aware of how to achieve a lot with less effort than you expected.

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Love forecast

If we wanted to be critical, we could say that some people are too sure of what they have to offer. They convey confidence bordering on arrogance. This can be as off-putting as it is attractive. Their demeanour may appeal to people who like superficial swagger but detracts from the possibility of a deeper connection with those who have more subtle ways of being.

You tend to swing a little too far to the other psychological extreme. You worry more than you should about whether anyone would be interested in you, how much you would have to offer or even whether you would have a right to expect any emotional commitment from anybody. You may well have great (and justified) confidence in your own mental and intellectual abilities. You may even conduct yourself with a great air of certainty in this respect yet still, at an emotional level, self-doubt can get in the way of positive experience.

This in turn may be why some of your relationships tend to be more cerebral than physical, regardless of how much you might secretly wish you could defeat such a syndrome. The astrological climate you come under this year makes a big change possible. It makes it easier for you to share your deepest emotions and most profound feelings without fear or false arrogance. Hence, you become more emotionally approachable. That allows you to form, deepen - and render more tangible - many an important rapport.

The transit of Mercury, ruler of your sign, across the face of the Sun in May is a symbolic moment with implications which travel backwards and forwards. like ripples on the surface of the pond of time. They reach you now at the start of the year. They will continue to touch your life long into 2016 and even beyond.

They indicate a new willingness to go further and get closer, which helps to foster improvements in key relationships. That's why, despite all that you may recently have been through or all that you may be anxious about or in fear of, your outlook this year is surprisingly positive.

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Money forecast

To understand what makes this year different and where the potential for positive progress is, we must focus on the key astronomical event of the year; The Transit of Mercury due on May 9. Mercury, is your ruling planet. Normally it's an elusive, difficult planet to see. On this particular day, for a period of several hours in some parts of the world, people will be able to see Mercury crossing the face of the Sun. Even if that isn't happening in the sky above you, it is so significant that your ruler is symbolically being taken out of shadow and revealed against the light. The cosmos is saying something about seeing an aspect of yourself that is most inspiring and helpful.

Perhaps you think, 'Oh, I don't know if I really want to see myself. What if there is something that I would be embarrassed about or ashamed of?' Actually, inside you, as inside every human being, is a well of wisdom, a beating heart of kindness, an inner well of love and inspiration. We are all creative. We are all capable of being extremely sensitive and intuitive and of naturally finding our way towards the right place, at the right time, because that is what the cosmos wants us to be. What you'll discover in 2016 is that what is inside you is a compass!

As we go closer towards this alignment you'll become more conscious of and able to take guidance from that compass. You'll see how, wherever you truly need to bring about material improvement, the right direction is there, trying to make itself clear to you. Opportunity will reveal itself. Somehow, you will be blessed with an understanding which you can explore, maximise and benefit from. It won't just necessarily be one bright idea that you're blessed with; this year it could be a whole succession of them. Even in areas of life where you've lately felt defensive and on the edge of defeat, you will soon start to feel confident that you can rise above whatever is worrying you, and turn what looks difficult into something advantageous.

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