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Gemini, Year Ahead 2014


This is a special year. You should feel excited. A lot can soon become very different. Those changes commence with a re-evaluation of where you belong and where you could make a positive contribution. You can't keep maintaining an act, a role or a facade because something inside you feels obliged. You have alternatives. You've got to identify them and take advantage of them. 2014 will show you those opportunities. It is as if, for much of the recent past, you have been wandering along a corridor lined with doors. Each time you try to open one, you find that behind it, there is nothing but a brick wall. You've almost lost interest in trying any more handles. Yet if you do start to look behind the doors of 2014, you'll see they really are portals to wonderful new realms. This is not a promise that the whole year will be a rip-roaring success. But the downs, as well as the ups, will all play their part in promoting a positive process. This year it becomes clear, not only what you do want but what you don't want. Through understanding this you can extricate yourself from all that's redundant and commit to all that matters. Find out about 2014 in much more detail. What's going to happen? What does it mean for you? Get your 2014 'Guide to the Future' here.


For centuries, people have dug bits of metal from the ground, fashioned them into coins and exchanged them for goods and services. Gradually, those coins have been replaced by pieces of paper bearing promises. Now, they are largely represented by numbers on screens. Thanks, at least in part, to a rare series of right angles between Uranus and Pluto, which began in 2012 and continues to 2015, the current model is becoming archaic - and now, we're witnessing the slow erosion of another principle that has become embedded in the minds of millions. 'To generate money, we all have to do things we don't really want to do.' Whilst not yet an entirely redundant idea for everyone, it may no longer be so relevant to you. Your astrological opportunity this year, involves re-examining the ways in which you have been conditioned to think about matters monetary. You may need to begin by revisiting your own previously unsuccessful efforts to generate wealth. Remember when you once had a plan that seemed enticing but then proved unsuccessful? Discovering your most profitable way forward in 2014 may require a willingness to unlearn something that you think you have already learned. I tell you much more in your 2014 Money Video forecast. Get it free here.


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