Your Zodiac Forecasts, from Jonathan Cainer
Your Zodiac Forecasts, from Jonathan Cainer

Leo, Year Ahead 2015

General Forecasts, Money Forecasts and Love Forecasts...

General forecast

"It is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood."

So said the philosopher, Karl Popper. His words above are true for everyone. But he was a Leo. And they have a special resonance for you, given all that you seemingly face as you wend your weary way into yet another daunting year. If I were to tell you that 2015 held forth only more frustration, confusion, consternation and conflict, on the communication front at least, you'd be inclined to believe me with no further question. It would fit with what you have come to expect. Yet if this IS what you have now come to expect, there is something wrong. And it is absolutely not what you should expect.

You might much more appropriately see yourself as a caterpillar, midway to becoming a butterfly. It is all too easy for others to look at your current cocooned condition and make judgements about your usefulness or assumptions about your future.

Yet the question is not, 'who did you used to be?' or even, 'what have you now become?' It is simply who, in 2015, will you turn out to be? What impressive powers will you develop? What amazing freedoms will you find? Coming up, sooner than you think in this new year, are answers. You'll like them. A lot.

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Money forecast

If your economic progress in 2014 has meandered, in 2015 it turns from maze to labyrinth. Now, you're not trying to find your way round high hedges of uncertainty that seemingly lead in circles. You're in a dark, winding tunnel where riches untold may well sparkle atop a treasure trove, just around the next corner... but there's an equal possibility of encountering the glistening eyes of a fierce guardian dragon. Yet there is no retreat you can beat. Forward is the only way. You crave a source of reliable guidance. Yet everyone who claims to be able to offer this seems to whisper advice tinged with fear. What can you do but trust the clearest flame of hope that burns in your heart? Each time you find yourself, this year, in a situation that matches this description, remember that your occasional encouraging intuitive inklings are not just comforting distractions. They are the glowing dials and needles of a natural inner compass that will eventually guide you, unerringly, towards the source of greater income and support you need and deserve.

It doesn't matter, in 2015, what you don't know. Or what you fear you can't do. All that matters is what you do know. And what you can do. Trust that and all will be well.

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Love forecast

Were you not made to be loved? There is not now, nor has there ever been, a shortage of people who are magically, magnetically drawn towards you... but do you sometimes doubt whether your admirers are the people you'd personally prefer to be admired by. You are deeply discriminating. Arguably indeed, you raise the bar so high that none but a superhuman could possibly soar above it. Yet if anyone, on this planet packed with mere mortals, ever seriously hopes to gaze into the eyes of a genuine living god or goddess, the only hope of this ever happening is going to involve a Leo, looking in the mirror! So you had best make sure you are a deity, not just of fine physical form, but of infinite kindness and divine forgiveness, too!

2015 allows you to relinquish some of the control mechanisms you have previously had in place. You become more relaxed. You become more willing to accept love and that makes it easier for others to love you. And, of course, the more that others show their love to you, the more you will in turn, be able to respond. That all gives rise to a rather lovely bubble of emotional contentment which will slowly envelop you more with each month, in this surprisingly rewarding year.

Your 2015 video predictions about your love-life and your financial prospects are ready. There are great things in store for you. Find out what's going to happen here.


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