Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Leo, Year Ahead 2016

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General forecast

'Why should I listen to him if she will not listen to me?' One of the greatest difficulties ever to emerge in any process of negotiation is a tendency to forget that if you want to be understood, you have to be willing to understand. There's deep symbolism in the 2016 Transit of Mercury. It speaks of a change that will affect you all year as you step out of a negative pattern and open up to an exciting new possibility.

You will build better bridges, turning superficial links into much deeper bonds. You may also discover that you don't know quite as much about someone as you think you do. From this, inspiring developments will ensue. Don't, therefore, feel threatened or offended by changes that you perceive in someone. Allow a relationship to evolve positively. This will allow you to evolve too! The comments above don't apply only to your emotional life.

Glorious opportunity awaits you in 2016, wherever you can move your life on and let someone else do the same. Where, before, a catalogue of difficulties may have beset you emotionally and materially, a cavalcade of advantages will come rolling into your life.

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Love forecast

Remember the old Aretha Franklin song, Respect? This year, we find out, not only what it means to you but what it means to others! There will be evidence aplenty of what a difference it can make to even the most simple relationship. In saying this, I am not necessarily suggesting it is time for you show more respect for others nor that they need to show more respect for you, Both statements may have some relevance, but in 2016 it is simply time to move beyond 'fault' and acknowledge how, where there is respect, constructive processes can occur and where respect is missing, the upshot can only be conflict. Wherever there is friction between individuals, regardless of the nature of their mutual involvement, the tendency is for each to comment about the other, saying, 'Well, that's their problem and they are going to have to do something about it.' Or, 'They started it.' Or, 'I can't go past this point because the onus is not on me to fix something that I didn't break in the first place.' All that may be perfectly justifiable but it doesn't promote the kind of magic which we need if we are to change things.

If you want to change something which looks as though it's unchangeable, it may be that the only way is to do something comparatively unthinkable. That's why they say that magic often comes from chaos. It certainly comes from a willingness to think in unconventional ways and do things which are beyond the obvious. This year's rare Transit of Mercury is exciting because, symbolically, it puts you in a position of power all year long. A position from which you can think outside the box and create great change. Perhaps it shouldn't have to be down to you to do that; but does it really matter, as long as the right result ensues this year?

The right change can occur. You can move on from a syndrome which has been unsatisfactory and move into a realm of positive, mutually beneficial interaction that lifts your family life, your love life and your social life equally - leaving you far happier about both who you are and who you are with.

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Money forecast

Somehow, the moment in May, when (in some parts of the world) Mercury reveals itself briefly against the face of the Sun, symbolises an event that characterises your entire year. It is all about recognising what previously, you couldn't see. It's not that you are going to find something new. It's more that you are going to recognise what's been there all along. What makes this year so special for you is the way you start to understand how to solve problems of which you have been aware for a long time. You haven't really known quite what to do about them because you haven't really been aware of what has caused them.

If we don't know why something keeps going wrong, why a problem keeps arising or why a syndrome keeps repeating itself, it is always difficult to know how we can stop it. Yet often, the things which we are most confused by, are the things which seem most obvious in retrospect. It's just that first, we have to wait till a penny drops and we feel able to say, 'Ah, now I get it. The reason I couldn't see it was because I didn't want to look at this or that. Because it pained me somehow. Perhaps because it clashed with some other idea or ideal.' When we have a strong belief in how the world ought to be or a passionate desire for things to turn out in one particular, we blind ourselves to reality! Even when a truth is right in front of us, we look straight past it or through it. This year, a process of revelation will show you how the success you need in the material world, need not come from some struggle against mysterious dark forces that follow their own law. You're not obliged to wrestle secrets from a cosmos that's guarding them fiercely because it is reluctant to reveal them.

It's more a question of looking at a situation and saying 'Aha! That's my answer. Now I see it!' As precious new understandings arise, you will begin to feel powerful about situations which had previously left you feeling weak. This is a year of gain during which the power to make your future financially more stable, is ever more obviously in your hands.

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