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Virgo, Year Ahead 2014


Is it going to be a good year? Well, of course. I don't predict bad years for anyone, ever, because they don't exist. We don't have bad years. We have challenging years. Years during which the opportunities are harder to recognise. That's all. For you 2014 is about re-evaluating connections to various people with whom you have strong bonds but with whom those links are not always satisfactory. Somehow, this year, you've got to make sure communication leads to collaboration and co-operation, not conflict. Where there has been a sense of loss, now there can be a discovery. And one thing you'll discover is the true answer to the question, 'What am I worth?' 2014 won't let you doubt yourself for long. The universe will boost your self-esteem by engineering coincidences that make you feel as if you are sailing on a smooth sea of serendipity or by helping you address damage done by stressful situations in times gone by. The healing process you go through will allow you to help and heal others. One of the most joyous developments will involve seeing proof that the world isn't your enemy but your friend. And it's got a lot to share with you. Find out about 2014 in much more detail. What's going to happen? What does it mean for you? Get your 2014 'Guide to the Future' here.


What if I were to say you had the chance of a lottery win this year? Your immediate reaction might be delight. But because you're a Virgo, you'd soon feel uncomfortable. What if that meant you never again knew who your friends were? What if you could then afford everything but forgot the value of anything? If you want to understand the influence of the current set of alignments from Uranus to Pluto, consider the notion that in the late 20th century, the world was 'living the dream'. Yet more recently, the spectre of collapsing banks and imploding economies showed us all how easily the dream can become a nightmare. Even if all your greatest, personal material hopes were to be realised, wouldn't that just bring trouble of another kind? I only mention this because, for you, great financial change is coming. It won't be as dramatic as a lottery win but it will bring liberation from many problems. If you want to be ready, contemplate whatever currently makes you feel that, if only you had more money, it would all be different. Those issues can and should be addressed right away, before your ship comes in. I tell you much more in your 2014 Money Video forecast. Get it free here.


There is no written forecast about your Love-Life for the year ahead but you can watch the special video I've recorded. It's free and it's here!


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