Your Zodiac Forecasts, from Jonathan Cainer
Your Zodiac Forecasts, from Jonathan Cainer

Virgo, Year Ahead 2015

General Forecasts, Money Forecasts and Love Forecasts...

General forecast

"What worries you, masters you."

So said the philosopher, John Locke. He was a Virgo, of course. You know why I have chosen this quote to begin your forecast for 2015, don't you? What's been worrying you during most of last year? What's worrying you right now? Isn't it much the same thing? Whatever else you may one day have to concede defeat to, surely it's not going to be that? Can't you have a little private word with yourself? Even if you insist on spending 2015 being haunted by some lurking spectre, can't it be one which, when finally revealed in its full glory, turns out to have been a tad more imaginative?

You may as well invent an exotic enemy with sharp, shiny luminous teeth in a drooling mouth that smells as if fridge failed at the fishmongers. Because frankly, this 'big thing' that's bugging you now is as irrelevant as it is ordinary.

Or you could, of course, just decide to make 2015 the year you finally stop letting stuff get to you. If you do, the planets will surely support you. And whilst being free from fear may not, in itself, constitute a happy-ever-after... it will be a big step in the right direction. One that takes you a lot further than you expect.

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Money forecast

You are not in your current position by accident. You haven't been put where you are because somebody made a mistake, or because someone was failing to pay attention. You are where you are, in the exact situation you face, because that is where you are supposed to be. You are the best person to do a particular job or to perform a special role or to carry out a specific task. In your own way, you are an expert. And a valuable, even priceless one too. Where you have expertise is also where you have a wind of grace filling the sails of your financial boat and helping to blow you safely to the shoreline of satisfactory solvency. If you find yourself taking on water or being buffeted by breezes that are seemingly destabilising, that's because you're paying too much attention to what's going wrong and not enough to how to put it right. That's why you owe it to yourself and all who depend on you, this year, to think more positively about your finances. No axes need fall. No belts need tighten. If you roll up your sleeves and start working with your opportunities, they'll expand and increase till they present you with solutions to all the problems you ever need to solve.

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Love forecast

By nature, you're deeply loving and giving. Sometimes, indeed, you find it easier to give than to receive. It's almost as if you fear that you don't really deserve it. Perhaps you suspect that those who say they love you don't really know you. Maybe you fear that if they could see the scarier, sharper side of your own personality... they'd run a mile! Maybe too, though, you forget that nobody's perfect. Although we have to be honest and say that if anyone ever comes close to perfection... it's probably the person reading these very words on this very page this very moment!

In 2015, you confront this dichotomy and you vanquish it. That exciting triumph emerges as the outcome of a process of deep, inner personal development. This will eventually lead you to new-found confidence in your own ability to show and share sensitivity, tolerance, kindness, adaptability and patience.

In the past you have had a tendency to think, 'Do I go too far? Do I try too much? Do I make things available too quickly, things that ought to be fought for with more of a vengeance? Such guarded thoughts can soon be put aside. In 2015 you find your way to a more profound understanding of what love really is and real love finds its way very easily towards you.

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