Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

Virgo, Year Ahead 2016

General Forecasts, Love Forecasts and Money Forecasts

General forecast

Listening to your inner voice is a little like listening to an old-fashioned radio. The signal varies. There may even be times when you're not sure exactly what you're listening to. But experience soon helps you fine-tune the signal.

This year's transit of your ruler Mercury, is a promise that the broadcast which will prove most useful all year will be Radio Guardian Angel. This is not a year to be deciding that you don't believe in spirit beings. It is a year to recognise that all of us are, effectively, spirits, 'being'. If you can improve your own understanding of your own spirit, this will help you form deeper affinities with kindred spirits. When your inner angel resonates with someone else's inner angel, it can help you both bring to fruition things that you would most like to happen.

That Transit of Mercury insists that if, this year, you trust your true self, the part of yourself that you are not even entirely sure you dare look at, lest its light is so bright it blinds you, your inner angel will naturally guide you to just where you need to be at every level, material and emotional.

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Love forecast

This year teaches you something about yourself that you may not have previously recognised. Not something embarrassing or difficult to deal with but something you can be inspired by! Here comes a year in which you see why you're entitled to be proud of yourself and to feel more secure about the kind of future that you can create for yourself. May's rare transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun portends a time of exciting, profitable self-discovery. It is also going to be a year when the possibility of true healing comes, even to previously tense relationships. You will become more attractive to others, more able to exude charisma, more able to pursue peace and more able to draw, into your life, the people you most need... those who have the greatest willingness to co-exist in ways that suit you!

More than we might ever care to acknowledge, success or failure in love has a direct connection to our relationship with ourselves. We must, though, be careful not to think in terms of success or failure when it comes to 'being ourselves' or to affairs of the heart. We can rise above the idea of winning or losing 'love' by understanding more about who we are, where we've come from, where we are going to and where we are at.

Though Transit of Mercury only occurs on one particular day, its influence radiates backwards and forwards in time and affects you all year long. It says something about how you can now become more profound, understand more about life and more about some of your most important emotional involvements in your life. When we're alive on planet Earth, we never stop learning about the world, about each other and about ourselves. Sometimes, it's the things that we learn about ourselves which prove most valuable, productive, inspiring and most conducive to the kind of change we most want to see. You will find, as you begin to blossom in your heart, that all processes of personal change work in favour of tangible improvements in your love, emotional and social life this year.

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Money forecast

Probably, the question uppermost in your mind now is am I (or am I not) going to be able to pay my bills, make my way, make ends meet and survive the ups and downs of life's financial roller-coaster? Well, actually, you are going to be able to do this; even in some style, as long as you have faith in your own internal supply of wisdom, experience and vision. Your financial outlook in 2016 is encouraging, especially if you are ready to learn something new about yourself. You've learned a lot from all that you've done in your life so far. You often find yourself looking at situations and thinking, 'Why is this organised in that way?' Or, 'Why doesn't something else happen instead here? It would make so much more sense if it did.' You are generally right about such observations.

You don't necessarily express this quite as clearly as you might do to other people so they don't always realise quite what powers of perspicacity you have. But you definitely have them. It turns out that this year, somebody notices that you have such powers. And they notice too, that they need them! Where there might be many another situation in which your ability to see what was needed, didn't actually coincide with an opportunity to supply it, this year coincidence is going to work in your favour. You are about to reach standards even higher than those to which you would normally aspire. Your feeling that something can be done better will be what leads you towards making sure that a standard is raised! The upshot of that will be material benefit for all concerned. Time will tell in which particular area of life this manifests and how... but you may already have an instinct. Something in your story of positive material progress through the world this year will be directly linked to your deepest belief, your most passionately held faith and to the amount you have managed to learn about the ways of the world.

You know more than you think you do, and you are about to discover just how valuable that is.

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