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PART ONE - published Wednesday 11th January 2006
PART TWO - LOVE published Sunday 15th January 2006
PART THREE - YOUR FINANCES published Tuesday 17th January 2006
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PART THREE - Finance
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If you want this to be your year of Love, try wishing on the Moon! A rare heavenly phenomenon called the Lunar Standstill is about to touch all our lives in a rather wonderful way - all year long.

During a Lunar Standstill, the Moon doesn’t actually stand still - but it seems to. It also reaches dramatic extremes of height and ‘depth’. We’re about to get our highest - and lowest Moons for nearly 20 years.
When it is at its lowest, as it will be for much of the Summer, it will appear so near that you could almost reach out and touch it. This impressive illusion will be even more powerful if you travel further north. That’s why many people, this year, intend to travel to the ancient stone circle of Callanish on the Isle of Lewis in North West Scotland. It was built specifically to celebrate the Lunar Standstill. Our ancestors would watch in awe as the stunningly low moon hovered directly on the top of their temple. Through ritual and ceremony, they would draw down the lunar power, through the stones, into the earth, on through the ley lines... and into their lives.

Most astrological alignments take place on a particular date - at a particular time. Even when they repeat themselves due to 'retrograde' movement by the planets concerned, the events they trigger can be 'pinpointed' to a few days or weeks either side of each heavenly event. The Lunar Standstill is an exception. It’s more like a gentle magical mist that will descend gradually over a period of several weeks and then thicken to the point when we are all lost in a fog of emotional elation. We could remain wrapped in it for months before the effect wears off as subtly as it came on. To some extent, we are already under its spell. This will deepen dramatically though, during 2006 - especiallty in the time between May and September. Iit won’t be till 2007 that we quite realise what a strange and powerful journey we have all been on.

The 2006 Year Ahead series - Part One

Have you noticed how high the Moon has been at times lately? Have you also noticed how it has recently clung to the treetops for ages? Soon, it is going to reach even more impressive extremes of elevation.

Lunar standstills are, to the Moon, what Solstices are to the Sun. They are moments when a powerful light in the sky reaches the most extreme point in its relationship to the horizon... hovers briefly... and then begins retracing its steps.

The Sun does this twice a year. Though it always rises in the East and sets in the West, it doesn't pop up at exactly the same point each morning. It slowly creeps along the horizon, heading a tiny bit further south or north each day. At one of its solstices, it rises as far in the South-East as it can ever get... and at the other, in reaches its North-West limit. The Moon's turning point involves height rather than width or, to be more technical, latitude rather than longtitude.

Once every eighteen and a half years, it hugs the hills and then soars like a kite. In doing so, it creates a compelling optical illusion.

Objects that lie close to the horizon always appear bigger and nearer, partly because the atmosphere appears to magnify them and partly because our sense of distance is deceived. Objects that are higher look smaller and further away. So we see, over the course of a few short months, Moons that are increasingly cold and remote followed by Moons so close that it seems as if we could reach out and touch them.

2006 is due to be an amazing year for all of us.

If it doesn’t yet seem different to you, give it time. A strange heavenly phenomenon is about to start changing our lives. You’ll be able to see it, wherever you are - and even if you don’t happen to be looking at the sky, you’ll be able to feel its influence all year long.

If you’re thinking about moving home, wishing you could make more money, dreaming of a happier love life - or hoping for success with a creative ambition, this is your year. The rare “Lunar Standstill” is the cosmic catalyst you have been waiting for.

It has happened before but not since the days of Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher and Bob Hawke. The next time it occurs, Madonna will be 65, King William will be 41 and Rod and Penny’s tiny new arrival, Alastair Stewart will be a headline hitting hell raiser!

Lunar Standstills follow an eighteen and a half year pattern. They are breathtakingly beautiful and full of mysterious meaning. Our ancestors knew them to be energy releasing, tide driving, weather-pattern breaking, mood changing clarion calls, heralding times of great awakening and tremendous transformation.

That’s why, thousands of years ago, at the North West tip of Scotland, generations of islanders laboured to build a giant circle of standing stones. Their temple of the Moon was called Callanais (pronounced Callanish). It is older than Stonehenge and may even predate the Pyramids.

To this day, Callanais still serves the same purpose. In 2006, many will flock there once more to witness and celebrate the culmination of the “Lunar Standstill Cycle”

Others will make pilgrimages to Chimney Rock in Colorado - to the Pyramids of Egypt and to a host of other sacred sites all around the globe.

But you don’t have to travel there, or anywhere else, to experience the exceptional energy that will buzz around the world in 2006.

Soon, it could be flowing past your house, up your street and through the very ground beneath your feet.

At the peak of a Lunar Standstill, the Moon exudes a special kind of energy. Mystical places have the power to draw down and capture this, rather like aerials, picking up a radio transmission.

They then amplify the signal and ‘rebroadcast’ it along the secret lines of power that connect these ancient ‘sacred sites’

Most in Britain people, today, call these ‘Ley Lines’ . The name was coined in 1921 by a Herefordshire photographer called Alfred Watkins. One day, while out riding in the hills, he looked out on the landscape and realised that many of the oldest local monuments were laid out along an absolutely straight line. Though the roadways and rivers wandered, the key “man-made” features appeared to have been placed with perfect precision. along some invisible track.

He got very excited and published a book - which was instantly dismissed by the experts. “The past inhabitants of Britain” they insisted, “Were far too primitive to lay out their landscape to such a grand, exact design.”

Watkins theories though, have stood the test of time. Today, we have all heard of his “Ley lines” and we also know that some run right across the whole of our island, forming a network where they intersect.

One of the most famous runs all the way from the sacred springs of Carn Brea in West Cornwall, all the way up to Glastonbury Tor and then along to the recently discovered Sea Henge, a bronze age timber circle on the coast of Norfolk. Another connects the Rollright stones of Oxfordshire with the Rosslyn chapel near Edinburgh via the Long Meg stones of Penrith.

We also know now, that these lines extend right across the planet. In China, they are known as Lung Mei or dragon’s pathways. To the aboriginal Australians, they are Songlines.

They can’t be seen but they can be traced on a map - or dowsed with a pendulum or divining rod. Some sensitive dowsing experts say that the lines can vary in width from a few feet to a quarter of a mile... depending on the time of year and the phase of the Moon.

According to tradition, Lunar Standstills re-energise these ley lines, causing them to widen dramatically and to send out a much stronger signal. For a few months in the middle of this year, the entire grid will broaden out until it becomes a blanket of energy, covering every inch of the land.

Though it may all sound like new age psycho-babble, it is a phenomenon that could soon touch your life in a tangible, positive way.

Think back to 1988. Try to remember where you were and what you were doing the last time this happened.

Remember, the biggest hit single of the year. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin. I don’t predict a revival of this record but I can promise you that we’ll all soon be feeling similarly inclined to put our cares on a back burner and enjoy life a whole lot more.

There’ll be a real return of the feelgood factor, a bright burst of fresh hope and genuine inspiration. We won’t solve all our problems at a stroke but even the pessimists among us will start to feel more inclined to believe that one day, if we keep on trying hard enough, solutions may come our way!

The Moon rules the public and it also rulers nutrition. This year, the public will have a passion for healthier living.

We’ll also see the culmination of a diet related drama that I clearly predicted, here on this very website, nearly ten years ago! Back in the last century, I was warning the world to avoid the artificial sweetener, Aspartame. I said the scandal would break in the first decade of the 21st century. We’re already hearing the rumblings of concern. By 2007, it will be a banned substance. Interestingly, during the last but one Lunar standstill, in 1969-70, another artificial sweetener scandal hit the headlines as Cyclamates were hurriedly removed from a range of soft drinks in many countries.

The Moon also governs tides so we cannot entirely rule out the possiblity of further floods, storms, earthquakes and eruptions this year. Rather than a single ‘big disaster’ though, of the kind that we had too many of in 2005, we are likely to see a larger number of smaller problems.

Terrorism won’t go away in 2006 but nor will it come any closer to most of us. The worst outrages of the 21st century are already behind us.

Interestingly, the Lunar Standstill season will begin to peak during the World Cup! Whoever you support, It’s worth remembering that miracles are always possible under this kind of cosmic climate.

I’ll say more soon, about the meaning of the Lunar standstill. Meanwhile, If you’ve got a question about a global event in 2006 that I have so far missed, drop me a line and I’ll try to answer your question in my daily column over the next few weeks. Now though, having covered the world in general - I’m going to turn to to events in your personal world, as we look at the year ahead, sign by sign.

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