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Leona Lewis

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We don’t have a birth time for Leona Lewis. We do know, though, that no matter what hour she came into this world on April 3, 1985, in Islington, she would have had the Moon in Virgo. And we know, too, that Moon in Virgo people are (to borrow a phrase from Simon Cowell) ‘natural born worriers’. Sun in Virgo people can be this way too. Stephen Fry, previously the most famous example of a stage fright sufferer, is a Virgo. Leona, though, has the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries. There’s more than enough confidence in her character to see her safely through and past her recent outbreak of nerves. I predict hypnotherapy will work nicely for her.
Name: Leona Lewis
Date: 03 April 1985
Time (Local): 06:17:00
Place: Islington, United Kingdom
Time Unknown: sunrise assumed GMT Time (Adjusted): 02 May 1975 05:17:00

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