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David and Victoria Beckham
first published 2nd November 2008
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I met the Beckhams once. It was while I was writing for an English newspaper. The publication had just been taken over and the new owner was giving the couple a guided tour of his new building.

Newspaper journalists, I should explain, are cool customers. They don't look up from their screens for anything other than a fire alarm. Dave and Vicky, though, caused a stir. Or should I call them Becks and Posh. Or Taurus and Aries?

It was like getting a visit from Royalty. Even the hard-nosed hacks stood to attention. David, rather like Prince Philip, shuffled along quietly, a few paces behind, while his wife regally greeted the troops. When it came to my turn, I went all wobbly and saw a vision of their future that was both fascinating... and dull.

Later, I checked their charts. It's all there, too. Forget those gossip columns, alleged affairs, dodgy documentaries, and even the naughty new neighbours in Milan. These two will be together forever, long after he's stopped playing away... and that group of hers has had to be renamed the Spice Crones.

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Birth Charts

Name: David Beckham
Date: 02 May 1975
Time of Birth (Local): 06:17:00
Place: London, England
GMT Time (Adjusted): 02 May 1975 05:17:00

Name: Victoria Beckham
Date: 17 April 1974
Time: Sunrise assumed
Place: Harlow, England
GMT Time (Adjusted): 17 April 1974 05:00:00

Note: If the exact time of birth is unknown, then sunrise is used to calculate the chart.


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