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Miley Cyrus

Destiny Hope Cyrus is a Sagittarian, born November 23, 1992. Her parents gave her this name to reflect their faith in her future. She was so friendly, they nicknamed her Smiley, shortened this to Miley... and then... she became Hannah Montana.

Her Virgo Dad, Billy, plays her Dad in the show. How 'nice'. Let's hope his Achy Breaky Heart is mended now because Billy's star has been all but eclipsed by his daughter. Ah, but what IS her 'Destiny'? Will all this early fame send her off the rails?

Probably not. Miley's made of different stuff to, say, Britney. She's not as torn by inner conflict and she's a keen Christian too. Indeed, her chart suggests she's so 'bland', she makes Cliff Richard look like Keith Richards!

The interest factor in her TV show is created by the idea that her schoolfriends don't know she is a rock star. In true life, though, it's all more boring. She's only ever known fame and fortune. Soon, she'll be too old for kids TV. She'll then need a lot more talent... or a truly juicy scandal - to captivate an adult audience. Yet the greatest headline grabbing potential she has, long- term, is the possiblity that with her Moon in sensitive Scorpio she may 'do a Bono' and dedicate herself to some worthy cause.

Name: Miley Cyrus
Date: 23 November 1992
Time: Sunrise assumed
Place: Franklin, Tennessee
GMT Time (Adjusted): 23 November 1992

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