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Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson
(4 Oct 2008)

Ryan Reynolds was born on October 23. In some years, people born on this date are Librans but In 1976 they were all Scorpios.

Last week, in a secretive, Scorpionic way, Ryan married Scarlett Johansson. She was born on November 22 but she's not a Scorpio. She's a spontaneous Sagittarian. Signs you see, don't click over at midnight. In different years they change at different times. To compensate for this, astrologers once had to give out average dates, but now, it's the 21st century. We've got computers and phones. Nobody need guess any more.

The other day, I went to track down Michael, our editor and explain this. He was in his office but it took me a while to see him because Nicky had dressed him in a shirt the same pattern as Laurence's wallpaper! Eventually, though, he said, 'Drop the dates but give us the scoop on Ryan and Scarlett.'

So. Here goes. There are three people in this marriage. The extra factor is a Gemini, born in 1974, name of Alanis. She may be over him but is he over her? How long will it last? A little longer than the credit crunch. But then, that will be over by this time next year.

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Birth Charts

Name: Ryan Reynolds
Date: 23 October 1976
Time: Sunrise assumed
Place: Vancouver, Canada
GMT Time (Adjusted): 23 October 1976 14:48:00

Name: Scarlett Johansson
Date: 20 November 1984
Time of Birth (Local): Sunrise Assumed
Place: New York, New York
GMT Time (Adjusted): 20 November 1984 11:51:00

Note: If the exact time of birth is unknown, then sunrise is used to calculate the chart.


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