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Lindsay Lohan
first published 5th April 2009
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Is Lindsay Lohan's career in the balance? Her latest movie, Labor Pains, has gone straight to DVD, following a series of other flops. This week, Jonathan takes a closer look at her future.

Lindsay Lohan, like all Cancerians, hides the soft, vulnerable side of herself beneath a tough outer shell. She knows how to put on an act, better than she knows how to be herself. Her birth chart is full of such contradiction. As a Cancerian, home and family mean a lot to her, but she has had a difficult upbringing.

The Moon in Taurus makes her loyal yet she has had problems knowing who to trust. Jupiter square to Uranus gives her a defiance yet she is a rebel without a cause. Now the world that once admired her talent watches in horror to see when she will next make a fool of herself.

Child stars frequently fall from the firmament when they reach maturity. Lindsay, risks the same fate. Her heart no longer seems to be in her rock career. She's no longer box office gold. But her horoscope is still hopeful. Once every 44 years or so, Saturn and Uranus hold a cosmic argument. It's been raging for a while now over a sensitive spot in her chart. From next year, those planets pass on and she'll have a chance to find her way more safely through minefield of fame.

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Birth Chart

Name: Lindsay Lohan
Date: 2 July 1986
Time of Birth: Unknown
Place: New York, USA
GMT Time (Adjusted): 02 July 1986 09:27:00

Note: If the exact time of birth is unknown, then sunrise is used to calculate the chart.


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