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Emma Watson

It doesn't matter how rich you are... or how famous. There are some things money can't buy and success can't get you. "A normal life" for example. For someone who has grown up in the spotlight, that's an aspiration as enticing as it is elusive. Emma Watson, clearly, wants one. She's planning to go to an American university, as soon as she has finished filming the last Harry Potter film. She's hoping that there, she can avoid being seen forever, as 'that girl who played Hermione'.

It's 'a big ask'. Global fame is hard to get but even harder to get rid of. Only last week, we said farewell to someone had known nothing but adulation from a tender age. It's clear that fame kept Michael Jackson in a kind of luxury prison. Emma's made of different stuff, but she's still keenly aware of the pressure that life in the public eye can create.

Can she really hope to make all that 'go away?' Not quite... but Emma has been lucky once, just by landing the part in the first place. She may yet be just as lucky again. She's an energetic, determined Aries. When she sets her mind on something, she gets it. So if she doesn't change her mind, she may yet create a future for herself that allows room for her to be herself.

Name: Emma Watson
Date: 15 April 1990
Time: Unknown, sunrise assumed
Place: Paris, France
GMT Time (Adjusted): 15 April 1990 04:59:00

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