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Nicole Kidman

On the eve of the Solstice, in a couple of weeks, Nicole Kidman will turn 42. Five days later, she celebrates three years of marriage to Keith Urban. Unlike her previous partner, Cancerian Tom Cruise, Keith is a Scorpio. Tom and Keith are, thus, surprisingly compatible with each other.

I’m not sure that either make an ideal match for Gemini Nicole but then thespians are funny folk. When you turn out to have a natural talent for acting, it tends to come at the expense of knowing how to be yourself. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule and Nicole may well be one. Her birth chart is impressively balanced with Jupiter Saturn and the Moon forming a ‘grand trine in fire’.

An opposition between Saturn and Mars, though, suggests a lifelong struggle to prove herself. She’s clearly winning so far. Recently, she has hotly denied reports of an attempt to adopt a Vietnamese baby. Her horoscope confirms that if she is intending to increase her family, she’ll do it by procreation, not procurement.

Name: Nicole Kidman
Date: June 20 1967
Time: Sunrise assumed
Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, US
GMT Time (Adjusted): 20 June 1967 15:52:00

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