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Gail Porter

This week, I've been looking at a truly fascinating horoscope. It belongs to Gail Porter, whose life has already taken many amazing twists and turns, all of which are clearly revealed in her birth chart. An Aries, with the Moon in Aquarius, Gail was born at 7.18pm, March 23, 1971, in Edinburgh. Blessed with stunning good looks, cursed by a mysterious illness and protected by a deeply philosophical personality, Gail arrived on Planet Earth during a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune.

They only ever meet up roughly once every 13 years - and, as fate would have it, they're aligning again later this very month. If you study the dawn sky and use binoculars to look for Neptune, near Jupiter, you can see this for yourself. Whenever these two planets connect, we all find our fortunes changing for the better and our belief in miracles is joyously renewed.

Those with a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in their own horoscope are especially sensitive to this auspicious influence. Gail is about to begin a golden phase of her life, during which she'll go through much drama but will emerge happier, stronger, more at peace with herself and more in love with life.

Name: Gail Porter
Date: 23 March 1971
Time of Birth: 7.18pm
Place: Edinburgh, Scotland
GMT Time (Adjusted): 23 March 1971 18:18:00

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