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Sacha Baron Cohen

Jupiter Neptune conjunctions only take place once every 13 years or so. There’s one happening at the moment and it lasts until early 2010; forming part of a triple conjunction with Chiron. Since I started drawing attention to this rare celestial phenomenon, I have had many letters asking what children, born under this alignment, are likely to be like.

One way to answer that is to look at people who entered the world under previous Jupiter Neptune conjunctions. Such as, for example, the alignment of 1971.

Sacha Baron Cohen was born on October 13th of that year. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction was not at its closest then, but it was still very much ‘live’ and the influence clearly touched his life. Astrologers have long noted that whenever Jupiter and Neptune are connected in a horoscope, they bestow a natural gift for mimicry and a very vivid imagination. They have an impressive ability to ‘create new realities’ and to be so convincing about these, that others cannot help but join in with their fantasy. Sacha Baron Cohen has certainly managed that. We don’t look at Borat, Bruno or Ali G and see Sacha Baron Cohen being amusing and versatile. We relate to the character as if he was real. It takes a true talent to accomplish that. Sacha though, IS a true talent. Perhaps it is because he is a Libran that he revels in the balancing act of pushing the limits, time and time again. He stretches himself as an actor, he pushes his audience to the edge of their credulity... and he tests the extent of society’s unwritten laws of taste and decency.

We love him for it... and he clearly loves taking so many risks in the name of entertainment. We don’t know his time of birth but it looks as if he has the Moon in Leo. He definitely has Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius.

Isla Fisher, his wife, meanwhile, is an Aquarian; born February 3, 1976. Aquarians are famous for their ability to understand Librans... and vice versa. Given that in Sacha Baron Cohen, she’s got several husbands, all rolled into one, it’s just as well that she’s a philosophical soul herself.

Name: Sacha Baron Cohen
Date: October 13th 1971
Time: Unknown, sunrise assumed
Place: London, England
GMT Time (Unknown sunrise assumed): 13 October 1971 06:20:00

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