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Prince William

When will Prince William be king? I mustnít say. Monarchs usually take the crown when their parents die. If I predicted the start of Williamís reign, Iíd also be saying when I thought Charles was going to leave us.

Itís not okay for any astrologer, ever, to predict anyoneís death. Imagine how youíd feel if some stargazer told you when your number was coming up. It would go in deep. And, just as the power of positive thought is strong, so is the power of negative expectation.

I can, though, tell you that William turns 27 on Sunday. Like his late mum, heís a sensitive Cancerian. Indeed, he was born with the Moon in this sign too. When he does take the throne, heíll be the first Monarch ever to have been born on the Summer Solstice. Thatís a significant date in the history of this land. Itís when the great rocks of Stonehenge are said to come alive at dawn and glow with the power of the past. Some suspect William has something of the legendary King Arthur about him. Maybe Kate should invest in a long dress and a bodice.

Name: Prince William
Date: 21 June 1982
Time: 21.03
Place: London, UK
GMT Time (Adjusted): 21 June 1982 20:03:00

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