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Joaquin Phoenix
first published 15th March 2009
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Dear Jonathan,
I noticed every Sunday that you do a segment about celebrities. I was wondering if you can give some insight into the recent controversial career move of Joaquin Phoenix from prolific actor to mediocre rapper. There are a number of theories about him here in the states...some think he's doing it for a documentary, some think he's mentally ill, and others think he really wants to be a rapper. Is this a complete hoax or is he really serious?

Dear Cristelle,

Joaquin was born on October 28 1974 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We don't know the time of birth. We do know though, that he is a Scorpio with Venus and Mars close together in that sign too. That make him pretty intense. Passionate. Prone to obsessive behaviour and keen to protect his privacy. He's got an exact Mercury/Uranus conjunction in late Libra,. That strongly suggests eccentricity. He loves to surprise, to be spontaneous and to do what's never been done before. Unless he was born extremely early in the morning, he must have the Moon in Aries, opposing his Pluto. Indeed, it opposes his Pluto, no matter what sign it is in. That's not an easy alignment. He's constantly feeling a need to defend himself against something or someone. Yet his chart also speaks of great talent; as an actor, an artist, a mimic (Neptune on the North node, square Jupiter) and a musician. Interestingly though, Saturn in his chart is unaspected. Saturn gives us our boundaries and limits. It describes our ability to criticise ourselves... and to give commitments. Joaquin's Saturn, isolated from all other celestial objects in his birth chart, makes him a bit 'all or nothing' in this area of life. He's either 'all on' or 'all off' and the most likely way he'll ever adjust this is through a close involvement with someone (or something) who has a positive planet in their chart at a position that 'touches' Joaquims Saturn.

Where's he at right now? More to the point might be the question... who is he obliged to explain himself too? What narrow version of 'reality' do people want him to conform to? Is he mentally unbalanced? Well, excuse me. Who do you know who isn't, in some way? Is he truly talented? Yes. Does he always know when he's being brilliant and when he's being dodgy? No. Does this matter? Not to him! Does he stand a chance of making it all the way through life into a highly odd, unusual, idiosyncratic old age? I think so!

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Birth Chart

Name: Joaquin Phoenix
Date: 28 October 1974
Time of Birth: Time unknown, surise assumed
Place: San Juan, Puerto Rico
GMT Time (Adjusted): 28 October 1974 10:23:00

Note: If the exact time of birth is unknown, then sunrise is used to calculate the chart.


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