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Sadie Frost, Jude Law

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Are Geminis compatible with Capricorns? It depends who you ask. Geminis will give you one reason why they are... and another, why they arenít! Capricorns will probably just wonder whether anyone is really compatible with anyone else?

Sadie Frost is a Gemini. Jude Law is a Capricorn. Sadie has made the news recently because sheís been looking good in a Bikini at the age of 44. What kind of world is this where such a thing should be surprising?

Weirdly, it seems, we worship youth, we dread age and we expect exes to be enemies. Jude and Sadie have just been on holiday together with their kids. Iíve been asked if they are heading for a second wedding.

But all I see, when I look at their charts, are two parents who still respect each other, setting a fine example to separated familes everywhere!

Name: Sadie Frost
Date: 19 June 1965
Time unknown: Sunrise assumed
Place: London, England
GMT Time (Adjusted): 19 June 1965 03:43:00

Name: Jude Law
Date: 29 December 1972
Time unknown: Sunrise assumed
Place: Lewisham, England
GMT Time (Adjusted): 29 December 1972 08:06:00

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