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This week, let's look at the birth chart of an amazing woman who, with typical Taurean tenacity, simply refuses to let go of her glamour. And why should she? Born on May 20, 1946, Cher has Venus, planet of talent and popularity, in Gemini, sign of eternal youth. She was born when the Moon, which represents 'femininity' was in Capricorn - the sign that gets better as it gets older. Mutton dressed as lamb? More like vintage port, getting more dreamily desirable every year. While Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron are so close in the sky, we've all got to learn the power of self-belief. How wonderful (and timely) of Cher to show the way. I predict she'll still be able to carry off that catsuit in 2019!
Name: Cher
Date: 20 May 1946
Time of Birth: 7.25am
Place: El Centro, California, United States
GMT Time (Adjusted): 23 March 1971 18:18:00

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