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Kate Winslet
first published 18th January 2009
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Kate Winslet must feel as if she is living in a dream. She has a truly exceptional horoscope and she has led, for many years now, a truly exceptional life. Mind you, she's a Libran. Librans don't understand the meaning of the word 'ordinary'. Librans weave a fabric of deep, warm magic from the yarn of their imagination. Librans don't just play 'let's pretend', they live their dreams. And sometimes, if they are not careful, they do the opposite. They dream their lives.

Not all are professional thespians, like Kate. Many have never gone anywhere near a theatre or a drama class. Still, though, they know about roles; and how to play them properly. Responsibilities... and how to carry them out. Realities... and how to change them with a single, simple thought.

These crazy, clever characters, blessed with brilliant brains and magnificent minds, unconsciously put obstacles in their own paths. They find themselves obsessively attracted to situations that will not so much stretch them... as limit them.

Every Libran is a complex character, but Kate, with her Sun, Moon and rising sign in Libra too, is a walking kaleidoscope of personality possiblity. She's not really an actress. She's a chameleon. And for her, one of the most amazing years of her truly amazing life has only just begun.

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Birth Chart

Name: Kate Winslet
Date: 05 October 1975
Time (Local): 07:15:00
Place: Reading, England
GMT Time (Adjusted): 05 October 1975 06:15:00

Note: If the exact time of birth is unknown, then sunrise is used to calculate the chart.


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