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Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle was born on April Fool's day, 1961*. This April, she has proved to the world that she's no fool.

Her horoscope contains a full Moon in Libra, Mars square the Sun and Venus square to Saturn. These alignments speak of a challenging childhood. But those who struggle long enough usually, eventually, succeed.

Susan, interestingly, has an 'unaspected Uranus' **. The planet of sudden change simply doesn't connect to any of the other planets in her horoscope. It is hard for folk with this placement to break out of their routines. But since she was born, slow-moving Uranus has crept round the zodiac. Her breakthrough has come just as it aspects its own birth position, unleashing her suppressed potential. Now the rare triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron opposes her Uranus too, effectively 'dragging her' out of her isolation and turning her, almost overnight, into a person with an influence on the whole of society!

Talk about timing! Nothing now, can stand in her way, other than the chance that she flinches from fame... or does something that alienates viewers. That's possible... but unlikely.

This summer that rare conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron heralds a time when many dreams come true. It will soon fill the hearts of millions with a feelgood factor that has been sorely lacking.

And so, for many years to come, will Susan.

* An incorrect birthdate for Susan was published in the Sunday Times at the weekend. We checked Susan's birthdate with the press office at Britain's Got Talent, who assured us that the birthdate is April 1, 1961. As a further double-check, we contacted the Register of Births in Bathgate, Scotland, where Susan's birth was registered. They have confirmed that April 1, 1961 is correct. She was born at the local hospital in Bathgate. Additional data confirmed by genealogist Caroline Gerard.
** Some astrologers reading this chart would see an aspect from Uranus to Venus, but I work with a system of tight orbs of aspect.

See Susan sing on YouTube.

Name: Susan Boyle
Date: 01 April 1961
Time of Birth (Local): 09:50:00
Place: Bathgate, Scotland
GMT Time (Adjusted): 01 April 1961 08:50:00

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