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Fern Britton

Fern Britton is a Cancerian. That's why she's so soft. That's why she's so strong. That's why she is so loved by millions of TV viewers. Well, it's partly why.

There are other Cancerian TV personalities who exude a kind of similarly comforting quality. But they can't keep it going, day after day, year after year. When they're not feeling so fine, we feel it too. Whereas Fern... well, there's the funny thing. It's not that she pretends. It's more that she really, truly is as big-hearted, as easy going and as open-minded as she appears.

That's largely due to the way her Moon in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo, right across a vital part of her birth chart. Her generosity is genuine. She's clever too. I know this, partly because I can see the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus that marks her out as a smart, original thinker. And partly because I've sat on so many sofas with her over the past 17 years. A sharp mind and a soft heart. What an unbeatable combination. She's quitting the UK's This Morning, just as a rare Saturn-Uranus opposition aligns exactly with her Jupiter. That's such wise timing, you might almost think that she had an astrologer advising her. They'll have a tough task replacing her at This Morning. But one thing's for sure. Wherever Fern Britton goes next, Britain's most loyal TV audiences will follow her... in their droves.

Name: Fern Britton
Date: 17 July 1957
Time (Local): 11:45:00
Place: Ealing, United Kingdom
GMT Time (Adjusted): 17 July 1957 10:45:00

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