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first published 22nd March 2009
Other Celebrity Stars

The age gap between Madonna and her new partner is the talk of the showbiz world. This week, Jonathan analyses the relationship between the Leo superstar and her Capricorn toyboy...

According to those who reckon to know, there’s a formula you can use to decide if an age-gap relationship is appropriate. Cut the older partner’s age in half.... then add 7. If the younger one is younger than that... they’re ‘too young’. It doesn’t matter how old you are, the same rule applies. If you’re 30, you shouldn’t go out with anyone younger than 22 (15+7). If you’re 42, your partner ought to be at least 28.

And if you’re Madonna?

Well, just for the record (and Madonna has done a lot of things just for the record in her time) the queen of pop was born in 1958. Jesus Luz, by contrast, was born in 1988. I’m tempted to leave you to do the math... but in case sums are not your strong point, here’s a clue.
That’s cradle snatching!
She’s a Leo, he’s a Capricorn. If she wasn’t nearly old enough to be his gran, they’d make a fair match. Even with the gap, it’s worth noting that Capricorns are famously ‘old for their years’. Experts don't know everything. And Madonna, anyway, is a living goddess. Different rules may apply to deities.

So do I think they have a future? Well, let’s just say there are some things in this world that are simply not made to stand the test of time. Ice sculptures for example. Or politician’s promises. These should be enjoyed while they last And moved on from, gracefully, once they have melted away.

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