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Peter Andre

Peter Andre was born on February 27, 1973. He’s been going through a tough time lately - but then, Pisceans don’t like easy lives. They like talking about them, planning for them and hoping for them, but somehow, accidentally-on-purpose, they can sometimes conspire with the fates to find themselves in situations, that are anything but easy... or simple. With all that angst and aggravation in his life right now, Peter is in his element.

The element in question, him being a Piscean, is water. And in the ocean of emotion being stirred up by his current marital problems, he’ll eventually swim, not sink. That isn’t to say that he’ll get back with Gemini Katie, although I’m not inclined to rule that out. I’ve said before that I think their relationship has a ‘real future’. But ‘real’ futures are, well, real. They have hard times and good times, and times when they seem to have no future at all.

Plus, no relationship between two parents who truly love their children is ever completely over, even when its over. Those parents still have to interact, co-operate and find a level of respect for each other - or spend the rest of their lives bickering, bitching and beefing about whatever drove them apart, none of which is exactly good for the kids. No matter what accusations of superficiality have been levelled at Peter or Katie, they’re both ‘real people’ with ‘real hearts’ and they care about their kids. So they’re still going to be in constant contact for the rest of their lives, out of which, eventually, anything could happen.

Meanwhile, June 2009 is surely one of the most positive months in history for anyone born under Pisces. Peter may not be enjoying the situation he finds himself in now... but it’s got to work out well for him.

Name: Peter Andre
Date: 27th February 1973
Time: Sunrise assumed
Place: London, England
GMT Time (Adjusted): 27 February 1973 06:52:00

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