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Geri Halliwell
first published 25th Jan 2009
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Jonathan takes a look at Spice Girl Geri Halliwell's birth chart and attempts to answer the question 'has she finally found love at last'?

Leos are in the news these days. There's Madonna, in honour of whose recent underwear exploits a new phrase needs to be coined: "Mutton, undressed as lamb." There's Barack Obama. He's already changed the world just by getting into office. What happens next will change the world again in a wonderful, vision-sharing, common-ground-finding, recession-busting way.

And then, there's our Geri. As oddball as ever, she's now pulled herself a handsome multi-millionaire luxury yacht-selling Italian who buys her pricey pianos and babysits for Bluebell.

I only ever met Geri fleetingly. She glided by my table at an awards ceremony back in the days when she was all stick thin and yoga supple. Personally, I'd have preferred to see the more voluptuous version.

She's had a few square meals since then and, apparently, followed some of those up with a big fat cigar. Good on her. With the Moon in Cancer and a Venus-Jupiter opposition, she deserves to be well nurtured.

Her birth chart shows that 2008 has been one of the most emotionally intense and demanding years of her life. She may not show it but she has been through a lot. In 2009, she's ready for comfort, commitment and stability. As Fabrizio Polliti's birthday is, apparently, an Italian state secret, I can't comment on how compatible this couple are in the long run. But in the short term at least, he's clearly turned up at the perfect moment.

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Birth Charts

Name: Geri Halliwell
Date: 06 August 1972
Time of Birth (Local): 14:30:00
Place: Watford, England
GMT Time (Adjusted): 06 August 1972 13:30:00

Note: If the exact time of birth is unknown, then sunrise is used to calculate the chart.


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