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Michelle Obama

Michelle OBAMA is a Capricorn, born in Chicago on January 17, 1964. Like all born under this sign, she’s pragmatic. Capricorns are famously “down to earth”. She’s also extremely clever. But then it’s rare to find a Capricorn who isn’t.

Capricorn, according to tradition, is the sign of the Sea Goat, a mythical creature with a goat’s upper body and a fishes tail. Capricorn is not, of course, the only “Bi Corporeal”, or double bodied sign. Sagittarius is represented by a Centaur, half human, half horse. Gemini is symbolised by Twins. Pisces is always shown as a pair of fish, or dolphins, swimming in opposite directions. Even Virgo, according to many students of mythology, is more properly depicted not as a simple maiden, or even a queen of the harvest but as a winged goddess whose form is part mortal and part bird.

Arguably, what all these signs have in common is a tendency to be misunderstood. We hear much about the goat’s ‘sure footedness’ yet little about the idea that, as a mer-goat has no feet, a Capricorn’s stance, on any matter, may well be more fluid than most folk expect. Many Capricorns though, when told that they are hard working, long suffering and keen to climb to great heights are more inclined to nod in apparent agreement than to point out that they’ve also got ways to dive deep and swim subtly.

In Michelle’s birth chart, Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) is in Aquarius - a sign that it also traditionally governs. Mars too, is in this sign. Interestingly, Barack Obama’s Sun in Leo lies almost exactly opposite the ‘midpoint’ of Michelle’s Saturn and her Mars. And Barack’s Saturn, which just so happens to be in Capricorn, is close to a precise conjunction with Michelle’s Sun.

All this speaks volumes about the profound commitment, support and mutual respect within their relationship. No repeat of Bill and Hillary’s infamous, public marital drama awaits.

Quite possibly though, we may one day see Michelle echo Hillary’s ascension to a political career of her own. I saw this potential in Hillary’s chart years ago. I was wrong to assume it would give her the presidency but so strong were the signs of future power and influence that it was impossible to ignore them. And given the role that she’s ended up playing, I feel at least partly vindicated.

I won’t go so far as to predict that many years from now, Michelle may become a future US president in her own right. But her chart suggests she has at least as strong a chance of getting to such a position as Hillary ever did!

Name: Michelle Obama
Date: 17 January 1964
Time: Sunrise assumed
Place: Chicago, Illinois
GMT Time (Adjusted): 17 January 1964 13:18:00

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