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David Beckham

At the end of the day, David Beckham doesnt just talk like a footballer, he has a classic goal-orientated horoscope.

Like all Taureans, hes disciplined, dedicated and determined. Yet hes not totally typical of his sign. Mars, in his birth chart, rules competitive sport. In sharp alignment to Uranus, It describes both his great ability to work magic... and his tendency, once in a while, to shoot himself in the foot.

And whether or not hes feeling over the Moon, the Moon is all over his chart, constantly egging him on to try ever harder. Hes somehow not happy unless hes having a tough time... which may or may not be why hes so comfortable in his marriage.

Strangely, if David had not been a soccer player, he would probably have found his way into the world of finance. The position of his Venus speaks of a natural ability to attract wealth into his life. Its questionable, though, whether all that money could truly compensate him (or anyone) for a life so full of inner strife and struggle.

Hes already had a longer career than many of his contemporaries. His horoscope suggests stamina that could keep him playing for several more years. Whether hell ever properly learn, though, how to stop creating controversial new stories... is less clear.

Name: David Beckham
Date: 02 May 1975
Time (Local): 06:17:00
Place: Chelmsford, United Kingdom
GMT Time (Adjusted): 02 May 1975 05:17:00

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