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Busta Rhymes
(27 Sep 2008)

A drink driving charge and a fight with your chauffeur may make you seem nasty in New York but in London, it hardly makes you hardcore. Unless, that is, you work at London City Airport.

To the outside world, it was a passing story. Rapper refused entry to country. Rapper's lawyer gets injunction to stop deportation. Rapper succeeds.

But Busta Rhymes would have seen his recent brush with immigration as a much more epic encounter. Perhaps even the fulfilment of his own prophecy. He once wrote a piece called 'They're out to get me'. Though it contains much of the paranoia you might expect, it also contains a telling line;

"The more money I get, I get more dangerous stupid / 'Cause I been broke before, and I refuse to go back to it."

Taureans are fond of their creature comforts and Busta was born a Bull in Brooklyn on May 20 1972. On that day, Venus was forming a close conjunction to Mars. So despite his carefully cultivated image as a gangsta, he's got a hopeless romantic streak. In "I'd do it all" he says

"Miss can I get a second to speak and quietly mention
That I am so into who you are, can I get your attention..."

Later in that same rap, he reveals the way Jupiter in his birth chart opposes Mars and Venus to create an arrogant attitude. "I'd like to learn from ya, but I'm 'bout to turn from ya, It's been about a week and I ain't even heard from ya"

Not that he's shy of commitment. A Moon/Saturn square in his horoscope means he's keen to be loyal but aware of how dark desire can detract from this ideal. In "Why We Die" he can be heard claiming,

"I live and die for all the shit I believe / And rep for everything I stand for with every single breath I breathe / Like the intake from cigarette smoke, it's like you inhale / the demon in the gutter"

Busta's lyrics are not just surprisingly smart at times, they reveal great self awareness... a trait that all with Moon in Virgo share.

"One Two Three Four, I be knockin' at your DOOR / Hit y'all niggas with an effect that y'all never felt beFORE / OR leave you with someMORE freaky dicky metaPHOR"

Despite the contentious language and the aggressive stance, it all begins to sound more like a middle aged man who is proud of his poetry than a fiend waiting to tear anyone's roof off.

But then, Busta's actual name is Trevor. And this weekend he must be smiling. A few hours locked in a little room has ensured that an otherwise unremarkable concert trip to Britain will live forever in the hall of infamy.

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Birth Chart
Name: Busta Rhymes
Date: 20 May 1972
Time: Sunrise assumed
Place: New York, New York
GMT Time (Adjusted): 20 May 1972 09:33:00

Note: If the exact time of birth is unknown, then sunrise is used to calculate the chart.


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