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Lily Cole

Lily Cole is studying history of art at Cambridge. She's doing very well there too. According to some snooty critics though, this is a soft option; not a difficult 'proper degree'. They'll be saying next that Cambridge is not a proper university. Indeed, some already say that.

Years ago, I went on TV with Hugh Laurie (who took Archaeology and Anthropology at that same University). When I said that this made him an academic, he strongly denied it. In my book anyone who gets a place at a place like that is a smarty pants. But then, I don't suppose they teach out of my book at Cambridge!

A couple of centuries ago, they did. Students weren't students unless they studied some astrology. Lily will find, as she works her way through that History of Art course, that many of the pictures and paintings she studies are full of cosmological references. A bit of astrological history might well prove helpful to her.

She's a Taurean, you know, with a Venus/Saturn opposition and the Moon in Cancer. If you think we've already seen plenty of her, wait till we really start hearing from her. She's going to lead one of 21st century’s most interesting lives.

Name: Lily Cole
Date: May 19 1988
Time: Unknown, Sunrise assumed
Place: Torquay, UK
GMT Time (Adjusted): 19 May 1988 04:20:00

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