Jonathan Cainer's Forecasts - Michael Jackson - 29th March 2009
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Michael Jackson
first published 29th March 2009
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You might expect Michael Jackson to belong to a more limelight loving sign than Virgo. But Michael's relationship with fame has always been troubled. At the height of his success, he hid behind a fantasy character and gave his public image the same meticulous attention to detail that he gave his music. In the studio though, you can chop and change till you've got it 'just so'.

You can't do that with your physical appearance - as several strange cosmetic operations proved. That quest for perfection, though, is very Virgoan, as is the desire to stay forever young. Whatever the truth of 'those' accusations, this Peter Pan of pop clearly relates better to kids than adults. A difficult angle from Mars to Saturn in his chart shows a lifelong problem with 'authority' including his own inner voice of self-restraint. He is infamously late for appointments, which is partly due to his tricky Moon position. This also makes it hard for him to take advice or see how others might ever view him in a less than golden light.

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Birth Chart
Name: Michael Jackson
Date: 29 August 1958
Time of Birth: Sunrise assumed
Place: Gary IN, USA
GMT Time (Adjusted): 29 August 1958 11:13:00

Note: If the exact time of birth is unknown, then sunrise is used to calculate the chart.

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