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Stuart Broad

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Stuart Broad was born June 24 1986. He’s a Cancerian and, as of last week, a hero! In England, you’ve got to be keen on cricket to know (or care) about ‘The Ashes’.

To Australia, though, they aren’t just any old old trophy. They’re a national treasure; as important as the Parthenon sculptures are to Greece The Australians will now resent losing them as much as the Greeks resent losing their marbles!

Happily, Cancerians are tougher than they sometimes seem. Stuart won’t be too sad on behalf of the team he helped to defeat. He looks set to enjoy many more years of success... but he’d be still be ill-advised to book a holiday Downunder anytime soon!

Name: Stuart Broad
Date: 24 June 1986
Time: Sunrise assumed
Place: Nottingham, England
GMT Time (Adjusted): 24 June 1986 03:39:00

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