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John Michell

John was a truly great author, an undisputed expert on ‘Earth mysteries’ and a keen student of esoteric lore and legend. Though he covered a great many topics in his widely acclaimed books, he was most famous, of late, for his work on ‘sacred architecture’.

He worked hard to reveal the hidden numerical patterns that inform the grand design and which, strangely, can also be found in the shapes and positions of sites and structures that are sacred to the ancients.

I first met him on a warm August evening when he delivered a lecture on this topic at the Big Green Gathering, in Wiltshire. Under the cover of a large geodesic dome, he presented a vast array of images on a solar-powered slide projector to a packed audience, most a good 30 or 40 years younger than he was. He spoke softly as he rattled, at high speed, through a series of gobsmacking, jaw-dropping discoveries. We came out reeling. He went away smiling.

Later, I was lucky enough to get to know him when I was supplying a full daily feature page for the Daily Mirror newspaper in the UK. He was kind enough to deliver a brief weekly article, focusing each time on a different mystery, from UFOs to ghosts. John knew his stuff... and knew how to communicate it too.

Ever since the Sixties, John’s work has been much beloved and respected by new-agers and by pioneers of what used to be called the ‘alternative’ or ‘counter culture’. Anyone who ever dreamed the hippie dream owes him their gratitude for adding the ‘wow’ factor to their view of the cosmos, whether they actually read his work or merely heard about it through the enthusiasm of the many he influenced.

He showed us all how to see the extraordinary within the ordinary.



Between March 2001 and August 2002, John wrote a series of articles on a variety of esoteric subjects for Jonathan’s website and the Daily Mirror newspaper in the UK.

Jonathan writes: It was a thrill to have John writing for us about unexplained phenomena. I have been an admirer of his work since I was a teenager. I hope you enjoy his thought-provoking work.

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