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Capricorn, The Decade 2010 - 2020
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By the end of the decade, Jupiter and Saturn will be in Capricorn. Pluto's already there and will still be in your sign while you're reading your decade ahead predictions for the Twentytwenties! And despite Pluto's challenging influence, plus your own nagging doubts about whether you'll even still be around in another ten years... the strong likelihood is that you will. You may even be in surprisingly good shape. Capricorns are like fine wines and quality cheeses. The older they get, the more desirable they become. And I bet that if someone ever checked the statistics, they'd find people of your sign had a life expectancy that outstripped the national norm. So let us banish all thoughts of an exit. If you've really got to go, of course you'll have to go, regardless of what your horoscope says. But all your horoscope has to say on the subject, is that life, regardless of how long it goes on for, is short! Too short for stress, for suffering or for self deprivation. Pluto, as it now passes through your sign, says much the same. It says you can forget about whatever you'd normally treat as an excuse for not enjoying yourself. This is the decade in which you come into your power and your strength. And nothing need ever beat you for long.

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