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Dear Eric
I am a Taurus but my moon sign is Pisces. (04/21/60 4:17 a.m. EST) I have , been told by many astrologers that I need to be very careful when a tragedy arises because my emotions will most likely bottom out. It is true that I have a hard time dealing with major life issues, so how are those of us who have the Moon in Pisces to overcome being so traumatic? Zoloft? That does work for me!!! But I really wish that I could change my path. I have also been told that near the end of my life that I will most likely take my own life. Heaven forbid!! I do hope that you can be of assistance!!


Dear A
You do have an emotionally intense chart, A., that is true, intense in that watery way. You don't just have a Pisces Moon; you have the Pisces Moon exactly conjunct Mars. But the kinds of questions you raise are really astrological counseling matters rather than 'chart reading' ones. So if you were sitting in my office, the first question I would likely ask you, unless something more interesting came up in the first 22 seconds, would be, "How's your Mom?" This would be my slightly veiled way of asking: What was or is your relationship to your mother? What did your mother do to you? But I would not phrase it that way; I would lob the issue over to you (How's your mom?) and see what you say. Or better still, I would just talk to you about nothing for a few minutes and see what comes up about your mom. Eventually it would.

And why her? Anyone with a Pisces Moon conjunct Mars is likely to have an interesting story to tell about their mom, to say the least (with recent developments, particularly since Pluto squared that Moon/Mars not long ago). It will also generally do them a little good to get their feelings out. And it's a lot safer way to begin approaching an astrology chart than (for example) making an utterly irresponsible, asinine, unethical statement like you're likely to take your own life.

I generally try to be a little more tactful in considering the views of other astrologers, but this needs to be stated in plain talk, so that the good readers of this web site, who come here for healing, for growth, and for reasonably intelligent views they can relate to and take to others, can tell the difference between what is at its essence good astrology and fraudulent astrology.

I will grudgingly concede that there are astrologers in the world who could possibly see that particular issue in a chart; but it would need to be treated gently and as a potential, not even a possibility. But they would not in any case be a good astrologer if they could not help you with any pain or difficulty you might be in, and relate to your desire to feel better about yourself well enough to validate your basic humanity.

I read in your note that you are taking Zoloft. If this came up, I would ask you the basic history you've experienced with that drug and find out how you really feel about it.

And, instead of telling you how you will respond to emotional trauma, I would ask how you've been these past few years and listen to what you had to say. I would learn a little about how you grow and change, this way I could get a sense of how you work the energy of your chart. Because no matter what your chart says, or 'says', you have numerous choices every day for what to do with that energy. You are NOT a victim of your chart. Your chart is yours to use.

Now, considering your astrology, I can see that you have some unusual resources to work with, and that despite whatever else may be going on, I would assume that you are as far as I can tell deep down a stable person (unless you gave me reason to believe otherwise). I will introduce here my First Law of Astrology, which is that any time the chart seems to pose a problem, it will also pose a solution. If it poses a question, it offers an answer. If there is a lack of some kind implied, there will be a resource that you can access or convert to make up for that lack. If we are going to use astrology to investigate, we need to be balanced.

One of the greatest assets you seem to possess is the very power to change which you so dearly want. And your sensitivity is your best friend, if only you will let yourself feel, and be okay for feeling, and take a little space for yourself.

Dear Eric
I am still in love with my ex-husband. We divorced because he had a drug problem about five years ago. He did have a girlfriend a year ago, they were not getting along. She was possessive, needed to know where he was at all times, follow him in the house all over. He came to me saying he would like to come home to me and the kids. We decided to try again. I found out in the year we were together he was still seeing her. So I left. my question is do I still hang on and wait for him, or move on?


Dear Iovanna
What exactly would you be waiting for?

This situation has gone on a long time and it seems to have the same patterns repeating over and over. I would say that if you like things the way they are now, then stay, and if you don't like the way things are now, consider your options for doing something else.

Hi Eric
I am a woman born October 7, 1964 in Chicago at 1:17 PM. I've pondered my chart for many years and I am still mystified by the stellium configuration in the 8th house. There really isn't much written about the eighth house yet it seems very prominent in my chart. I've read that I will die early, suddenly, and peacefully, that I was some sort of wizard in a past life, that my planets are 'powerful, etcetera'. It's extremely vague in my opinion. The only possible connection I can make to all those planets there on a personal level is that I continue to be smashingly mediocre in every area of life -- Venus, according to Vedic literature, is 'killed' in the eighth house and debilitated in Virgo. For example: any money I might inherit is guaranteed to be consumed by debt. Eighth house stellia are particularly pitifully represented in astrological literature. Do you have an opinion about what's going on in there? Thanks.
A. E.

Dear A. E.
Thanks for this letter.

Once a long time ago I wrote an essay called Astrology as the Art of Bullshit (which our cousin Rob Brezsny ran on his homepage for years), and the kind of issue you raise is precisely what I was ranting about. The gist of that essay was that when you read, buy into or otherwise invoke any version of astrology, you are really subscribing to the world view which that astrology is representing. Let me say this another way. Astrology is part of culture; different astrological rules and methods come from various different times and places in history. And they come from different people.

Some of these people are various combinations of creative, loving, caring and original. Others are various shades of other things; more or less intelligent, more or less able to squeeze something fresh out of a chart.

I am extremely cautious of Vedic astrology, as it is often practiced, specifically because its investment in the notion of fate is so strong. I think the stuff has a lot to offer, but we need to be careful with any system that is so foreign to our way of thinking. Modern western astrology emphasizes choice, self-determination, growth and most of all relationship. The most important relationship is you with yourself and then you with your chart.

However, since we're tapping into ancient astrology, I would remind you that (presuming the data made it from your brain to my laptop intact) your ascendant is Capricorn. Several of the planets to which you make reference, including Uranus, Pluto and Venus, stand in Virgo -- the 9th sign from your ascendant, that is, the 9th house using the ancient and very reliable whole sign house system. So on that basis you are saved, at least from a Vedic 8th house stellium.

Now, back to the Western world. If we cast your chart using Placidus houses (house systems are another discussion but let's say Placidus) those planets do show up in the 8th house. And that is much more interesting than any of the interpretations you offered in your note. It is true that the 8th is often looked to as describing the "nature and cause of death," but we are not asking about death when we're reading your natal chart, we're asking about life.

And the 8th house is extremely interesting. I cannot give a whole interpretation of your chart in a short reply and were we working together we would begin with a nice long talk about your life and experiences of that 8th house, particularly when important planets came through there (such as Chiron between 1993 and 1995).

But in short, the 8th house involves a group of issues from which we can derive some important themes. There are a lot of them. The first ones were 'death, dowry and the substance of the bride'. Then those multiplied. My friend Maria used to call the 8th the 'crowded house'. Some of the themes are: Sex, the sex we really want, death, affairs of the dead, money, power, control, jealousy, orgasm, secrets, surrender, transformation, business arrangements with others, and other people's money.

What do all these things have in common? You could say it in one word: survival. Or you could say it in four: the mysteries of life and death.

I'm going to leave you with a few questions to help get you going on interpreting this house, and two articles that will hopefully give you a bit more insight.

1. Since the 8th is ruled by the Sun (in your chart, because Leo is on the cusp) what is the condition of the Sun and how does it shed light on some of these issues?

2. The 8th house has some resonances with Scorpio, since Scorpio is the 8th sign. Are there any interesting Scorpio signatures in your chart? (Clue: Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio).

3. What are your feelings about survival? How do you relate to others when it comes to survival?

4. What is your notion of a relationship contract? How possessive are you, and why?

5. Do you attract men you like, or men who make you nervous?

6. This has nothing quite to do with the 8th house, but you have Ceres rising. I suggest you write a little essay titled: "What My Mother Taught Me About Being a Woman."

Here are the articles:
Beyond Death and Dowry: Astrology Points to a New Sexuality
For the Love of Money

Dear Eric
You probably receive an unmanageable number of questions along these lines but...I am a Scorpio female (11/20/61) romantically involved with a married Taurus male (5/1/58). Over the last year I keep favorably 'reading into' our mutual horoscopes in terms of our mutual destiny. Many times your daily and weekly comments seem to be quite accurate. But I fear that I read into them only what I want believe. I realize that any responsible therapist or friend would provide very practical ('don't continue to do it!!!') advice. But I wonder, can you give me any insight into the viability and/or future of my situation in terms of what you see in the stars? Your kind response is greatly appreciated.

Dear KAS
I do think that horoscope columns do present some significant psychological and ethical issues for both writers and readers. Since readers of this Q and A column can get a sense of how I approach astrological counseling, which is to let the client speak for their chart, I'm sure you can imagine some of the difficulty in writing columns that must in some way say 'you feel' and 'you need' or 'you' whatever. And I and every astrology writer have reason to be concerned for the impact our work has, and what we are leading people to believe about themselves and the functioning of the universe.

This whole situation is intensified by the fact that people do come to these columns seeking clarity and resolution involving what are often intense, complex situations, and you never know the state of mind of the reader. You never know how badly they may want that thing you say or imply they are likely to get. This world strains badly to be a fair place and most people could do with a lot more softness and love. In the end, we must make our own decisions and prioritize these aspects of life in order to let them become real.

In dealing with horoscope writing, we are in solidly in the world of the occult. There is really no getting around this. And the occult has some traditions that seem to serve as fail-safes. One tradition is to speak in riddles. This sets up a condition wherein people must think for themselves. Another tradition is for the student (i.e., the reader) to view the statements made in horoscope columns as commentaries rather than as definitive truths. Another is to leave things somewhat open ended and subject to interpretation.

In short, horoscope writers have to leave people with a lot of room to bring their meaning to the work. And they need to present people with options, questions and opportunities for self-inquiry. Astrologers have an obligation to remind people to have faith in themselves. Where astrologers are not doing this well, I, personally, keep a far distance.

Now, as for your personal situation, I get the feeling you know the answer, and it may not be what you want. I am clued into this fact by your persistent need to inquire, but not getting 'an answer'. One way to tell you're not getting the answer you want is that you keep asking!

I suggest you go below the surface of this situation. I suggest that rather than trying to make this one situation work out the way you want it to find out why you may be experiencing this condition of unavailable love. This seems like the long way around the mountain, I know, but in truth, it is the way right over the top. I would imagine there is a long story behind the situation you describe and it very likely goes back to your family of origin. A few weeks ago I recommended a book called A General Theory of Love and I would like to recommend it again. Give this book a read and you may have some excellent insights into what is happening with your unavailable love interest.

I, for one, join with you in your desire to be loved, appreciated, respected and held.

Dear Readers
Thanks for your excellent questions and feedback about this column, and thank you Jonathan for such a fine and adventurous web page that is visited by people from every planet in the solar system.

Readers may be interested to know that I publish a twice-weekly astrology newsletter that is issued each Monday and Friday. It includes a Friday weekly horoscope, a bonus Monday horoscope, a weekly birthday report, and two essays (of differing lengths) each week. This is an utterly insane amount of high-quality astrology information, plus horoscopes that do not disappoint. This service is fully guaranteed, and you can forward it to your friends as well (it arrives by both email and is posted to a password-protected web page).

My essays range in topic from in-depth stuff about Chiron and other planets, to major transits of every shade and stripe, to world political issues (taking a distinctly pro-peace, personal growth approach to the subject), to essays about relationships, and much else. If you subscribe, you get access to a two-year archive of essays and horoscopes that contains a vast database of excellent work.

This service is reasonably priced (particularly with the pound so strong these days) and delivered with love by the awesome Planet Waves team.

For more information, have a look at or call +(206) 463-7827 during Eastern business hours. Canadian and Australian dollars are accepted at par for new subscribers!

See you next week, where I'll (actually) be writing from Amsterdam.

Yours truly,

Eric Francis
Still in Paris, en route to Holland

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