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Happy Solstice!

Dear Friend and Reader:

Capricorn Solstice was the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 21. We have a chart with a lot of inner planet activity: note that Mercury is conjunct the shrewd and justice-oriented asteroid Pallas Athene, as well as square Uranus; Venus is stationing retrograde in an exact conjunction to Chiron; and Mars is in a close square to Saturn. We are still under the effects of that "French Fixed Cross" I wrote about a few weeks ago -- look at how Mars is aspecting not only Saturn but also Neptune and Jupiter; there is the cross.

By now, however, we are getting accustomed to this energy. The thing is, you need to use what you learned in the prior experiences, then you get your money's worth.

As usual, the Sun approaching the Aries Point during the past week came with a wave of developments -- in particular news that the Bush administration had been spying on Americans, which has drawn sharp criticism from both Republicans and Democrats; imagine that. This revelation emerged in under the combined influence of Mars and Mercury stationing direct (across the ultra powerful Taurus-Scorpio axis), and last week's Full Moon in Gemini. Note what they have in common: two entire axes of the zodiac were activated by the events: Taurus/Scorpio and Gemini/Sagittarius.

In addition, we had the Sun make an exact conjunction to both Pluto and the Galactic Core: major cosmic Roto-Rooter action.

From our discussions of the progressed horoscope of the Inauguration back in October, we can infer that the spy business is a pretty big development. Remember that the progressed Gemini Moon in the Inauguration chart has made an opposition to Mars in that chart (at the time Scooter Libby was indicted in late October) and is heading for an opposition to Pluto in late March -- at the same time as a total solar eclipse on the Aries Point (8+ Aries to be exact, close enough for all purposes).

On the personal level, the combination of the inner planets going direct, and the hotly aspected Full Moon passing, seem to have brought a sense of relief, just in time for the holidays. However, I would remind everyone reading that there are many people in the world who have a hard time during this time of year, so please think of the people you know and see if you can help out with phone calls or invitations.

If you are someone who struggles with holiday depression, you are not alone! And your perceptions are not the least bit odd -- we're all put under a lot of pressure this time of year to do and be things that many people just have no real interest in, or where we have nobody to participate with. You can help by reaching out to the people you know and speaking up about your situation. Please don't be afraid to ask if you need help or company.

This week I'm busy working on the Parallel Worlds 2006 annual edition of Planet Waves, with forecasts for the whole year. This will include forecasts for all 12 signs as well as a solid collections of articles on both the astrology AND the news. Have a look at the link for more info. Note that you can preview the major 2006 charts at this link.

This week's edition is almost entirely written by readers -- your comments on the astrology of 2005. Thanks for sending them in! I'll catch you next week with your 2006 preview edition. Then we'll go back to taking reader questions in January. Daily updates and new photos continue at

Eric Francis


Hi Eric,

My view of all this is that from the jaws of despair we shall gain a new understanding of the world and ourselves... not necessarily in that order. This cabal of power appears to be slowly disintegrating and as the onion is peeled the world will see just how deep and dark this rabbit hole truly is. The outrage will have its own consequences.

We require a new paradigm. It is much too obvious that the old one is not only broken, but is beyond repair. Perhaps we could envision our wildest and grandest dreams and see them manifest as this current order unravels.

What would it be like for humanity to truly care for one another? Seeing in each face and body themselves? A world without borders...

Hmmm... wonder what the stars say.... is it true we can see a 1000 years of peace, as is predicted in the Vedas? I suggest we stay alive, stay bold and we will certainly see the outcomes...

May all beings everywhere be happy.

-- Steve St Clair

Dear Steve:

Yes, the jaws of despair are not all they're cracked up to be. I would, however, say we may be heading for a period of peace and love, but first we have to want it, and then we have to work for it. Desiring it "on some level" is not enough -- so let's get busy.

Dear Eric,

Increasingly, we are subject to the 'news' of individuals (or families) struggling to defy death, the medical profession and society out of 'pure respect and love' for another's unconscious existence. From the late Terri Schiavo (USA) through to baby Charlotte (UK) today, we hear the struggle of those in society who wish to increase the value of life in an 'unconscious' form. I personally feel that such people touch our lives to teach us something (and as a Cancerian I would say it's to learn to let go), more so than out of any experience that the struggle for life or consciousness is supposed to allow them. No doubt others will have their own ideas on this issue. It would be interesting to see the horoscopes of Terri and Charlotte or others in similar influential debates of this nature. This way we could share astrological aspects of interest that we might study for more insight into the whole debate of what exactly constitutes Life or Death.

Whoever thought of ensuring a 'living will' a mere 20 years ago?

Thanks for being you, and for bringing us Planet Waves!

-- Maria

Dear Maria:

This is a really great suggestion -- and I would love to do some 'living will' type charts next year. By the way -- I have a theory that the planet 1992 QB1 -- the first planet ever discovered beyond Pluto, back in 1992 -- is the one that speaks to this issue. More early next year.

Hi Eric,

I read your chart analysis on Patrick Fitzgerald with great interest [see archives for write-up!]. I ran a chart on him myself and since I didn't have a birth time I used my intuition (usually works pretty well) and came up with 10 am, so like you I placed his Moon in Aquarius. But in Googling around looking for confirmed info, I came across an astrology website which says his birth time was 8:43 pm, putting his Moon in Pisces and changing a bunch of other stuff around!

I emailed the author, Sally, asking where she obtained the time info, and she said she received it from a client who got it from someone with access to the actual birth records. So, it's not terribly reliable, but still, I'd love to see what kind of take you have on a revised chart with the 8:43 pm birth time.

One of the things I find interesting about Fitzgerald's background is that in his student days he used to worked as a doorman and also as a janitor, scrubbing floors and bathrooms. It seems to me the perfect symbolism, indicating he's been put here to clean things up and help to usher us into a new and better age!

Best regards,

Dear Heather:

The data that shows a Pisces Moon seems to be reliable. I was pretty sure he had an Aquarius Moon, as you say. However, Pisces fits the signature. Pisces can have anything Aquarius can have, but most usually find other more sensuous interests. As people so intuitive, Pisces can make fine investigators, and they are just delusional enough to be hard-core idealists devoted to nonstop service. I think his Aries Point stuff is the trump card of Fitzgerald's chart. And you can really feel that Capricorn Sun. Hey, it's his birthday, isn't it.

Dear Eric,

Today, here in Sagittarius country, date 12-06-05, I'm looking at the Venus Station Retrograde chart you posted for 12-24-05, and notice a few personal features: 1. Neptune is exact on my MC, of course Neptune has been playing looney tunes with that spot for a few years now and is saying its last hello/goodbye. 2. My natal Aesclepius is exact on the chart's descendant, with both Venus and Chiron exactly opposite. 3. Pallas Athena of the chart is conjunct my natal Descendant.

Today's theme for me is 'healing'... from a closed head injury in an auto accident on 7-30-2000, a half-hour after the eclipse that evening.

Over the scope of these past five years, I dare say that I have become an expert in the field of subtle energy, especially as it has to do with regarding the body and healing, and am in the process of writing a book about this journey that I've been plunged into.

So many major astrological transits and alignments have been a major part of this walk. If you were to look at my chart you would find among those to be Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Mars. I've learned how not to discriminate, as they all seem to have demanded my attention at once.

Now, with the discovery of your writings (a time-marker to be sure), I have also discovered the importance of the Centaurs who have accompanied me on this little trek, namely Chiron and Nessus.

One of the greatest lessons I've been taught along the way is to trust my body's innate ability to heal itself. The Centaurs have helped me to find my instinctual self, as Jung would call it. It is that which has kept me alive, and able to accumulate the knowledge and most personal of experiences to bring me through what appears as a major life crisis.

As the world witnessed people perish in the tsunami in southeast Asia last year, I was struck by the fact that while the animal kingdom had its instincts still intact and thereby fled to safety prior to the wave's arrival, the human race did not. More than anything, I believe the Centaurs are here to assist us to recover those instincts that have all but been obliterated by the conveniences of our modern culture. We have been lulled to sleep by the safety that has been promised us by something other than ourselves, namely, corporations and governments that are also corporations.

We have forgotten how to trust that we know what to do to protect ourselves in any event. My own instinctual self has been reawakened by the transits of Pluto and the Centaurs. I have much more to say about this, but I will reign in my passion on the subject and thank you for addressing anything you may note about the above aspects to my chart.

As always,

Dear Marty,

Good to hear from you. I am with you that the Centaurs and Pluto are teachers of subtle energy, and they do teach us about our body's innate messages. That needs to be first on the keynotes of the Centaurs as a group, in particular.

Dear Eric:

Here is my rant on 2005. I have enjoyed experiencing the increased influence of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius by both houses and in mutual reception, on our water and electrical (neural) bodies. Especially upon those of us with lots o' water -- specifically as impacted and affected by Integrative and so-called Alternate Medicine.

As our bodies seem to be accessed more easily and profoundly on the electrical level via our conductive water, I'm seeing some profound responses in patients. I am not a practitioner but I am assisting a new medicine guy (Aquarius-ruled... including acupuncture, the more esoteric sound and vibratory therapies and the very au courant reconstructive technique called ProLo Therapy) with the strategic development of his practice. My own 12th house water Moon and natal Uranus combo has, on the medical astrological level -- a very receptive vehicle to Aquarian medicine. Our systemic and cellular receptivity (which switches the flip on our bodies own ability to heal itself, the new medicine employs MD as midwife) is something, which I believe is becoming collective receptivity.

This is a result of the collective astrology, such as all the increased Aquarius. And Pisces' presence -- among other aspects -- sets up a canvas, individually priming our systems to provide the traction for esoteric medicine to stick (an increased channel, if you will) and is increasing the number of incredible new ways to approach healing. Medical astrology itself is becoming even more exciting and timely in a most practical way -- and diagnostically, it seems to me, never as resilient to finding myriad ways to skin the cat as it is now. It's almost as if medical astrology, and the planets, has been waiting for the New Medicine men and women.

I see increased acceptance of the mind/body as a synchronized team in our well being happening in even once conservative culture -- especially medical culture -- coming upon us. I also see Pluto in Sagittarius midwifing greater truth and adventurous moves occurring in all medicine, especially sports medicine. 2005 is a year of which has been awaited by many shamanic physicians and energy workers. Every year that we get deeper into Aquarian resonance the energies increase for them to help us heal.

I'm very thrilled for them and for us ALL!

As Pluto in Sagittarius transforms the medical model and trashes the insurance industry as we now know it (hmo) and people begin to really re-think handing over their wellbeing to another person... there are midwives all over who have been training -- many who BARTER -- ready to help us get clear, healthy and become our own healers. Some doctors, even! ("Barter" and "doctor" seem like the most absurd oxymorons... ;->)

This is incredibly exciting. And something that my sometimes intellectually cautious Capricorn mind stalked with some wariness until I consistently observed the really NOTICEABLE increased water and electrical conduits present themselves, even in people who aren't necessarily receptive by belief in new healing modalities. Seeing profound healing changes occur within the bodies of the most doubtful people (who yet tried New Medicine as a last resort) has been immensely gratifying.

We are living in amazing times!

Love to all groove-pies @ Planetwaves &
-- MK Cuthbert

Dear MK,

Thank you for your comments on healing and medicine. I've sent your greetings out to the Groove Pie list.

Dear Eric:

This year has been a long and strange trip. Yes, the weeks do seem to be zipping by faster than ever, because every time I blink, it is Monday already. Everything has been extremely "surreal." The local and national news seem "staged" somehow. The newscasters are saying one thing, but you really wonder what they would really like to say if they could. There is a sense of denial and brainlessness about this war. Why do humans really think they need to have war? Isn't it really so unnecessary to handle things this way? Also, why do they send such young blood out to massacre and be massacred? It's time to evolve as a species. Also why have there been sooooo many hurricanes? It reminds me of one of those pinball machines.

What is with all of these huge suburbans with tinted windows that I've been seeing everywhere? We all need to urge and demand the auto dealers to make more hybrid vehicles or ones that run on French fry grease, anything but gasoline! Also, exchange those noisy, polluting gas powered lawn mowers, weed-eaters and leaf blowers for the nice, quiet old-fashioned push mowers, brooms, and rakes. It's great exercise and better for the environment!! We need to treat our mother earth and all of her contents gently before she really gets upset!!

-- G

Dear G:

I have heard of these cars that run on Freedom Fry grease. A friend of a friend goes to the local Chinese restaurants in his area and buys their grease from them, and his cars run on it. The restaurants love it because they are used to paying to have their grease hauled off. The energy crisis could be solved, if we could only get the industrial robber-barons to cooperate for 10 minutes. Please keep writing letters to freaky web pages.

Dear Eric,

It was amazing to see how much of what you predicted on this page was true also for Brazil, its politics and politicians, as we had tremendous crisis here this year. I watched it closely, since I work in the Federal Senate. Values and moral were intensely discussed as well, and I think one of the main themes was "how much can we project on and expect from others," especially those in a (at least apparently) powerful position. Are we nurturing expectations from others about things that we should take care of or decide upon ourselves?

I could relate to most of the transits and have no doubt about how much this year's astrology affected the news -- and my life!! Forecasts of serious people like yourself, Jonathan Cainer and others I have come to know through your comments or indications were extremely helpful.

I agree with most of the ideas you present. I come from a country with a lot of mystical energy and religious fervor, and there is little conflict about it, compared to other places. So these ideas are not really "odd" or even new to most Brazilians.

I think 2012 is definitely a mark, and the world is already going through tremendous changes, although they are not always so obvious. But I believe things will change for the better, although sometimes we have to destroy or transform what is there immensely to build something really new.

I also learned a lot more on US politics and history through your work, which was very nice. I have lived in NY for some time, and feel close to your country.

I hope that 2006 brings you and the whole Planet Waves team renewed energies to keep up with the good work!!

Lots of peace,
Sílvia Oddone

Dear Silvia:

I am encouraged by your optimism, and that of so many readers. Thanks for keeping the good vibes going.

New York is one of the most welcoming places in the world. New Yorkers know that what makes it a great city is that everyone is welcome there.

Dear Eric:

It has been quite a year. I was born Dec. 17th 1981 with my Sun conjunct Neptune in less than 2 degrees.

Personally things have been feeling more light and ethereal lately. For example, I keep seeing sparkles and blobs of bright color in my field of vision (not from staring at a light source) This and other things have led me to believe humanity is moving out of this reality or program and into another more spiritual one. Or so I hope!

Love, Bridget

P.S. This note has made me sound a little disconnected from reality, but believe me, I work in a downtown public library where I get to research all the atrocious things our "powers that be" get themselves into. Thanks for the connection to "Covert Action Quarterly." There's much more knowledge to be gained before the journey's over.

Dear Bridget:

Librarians rock!

Dear Eric:

On a personal level in 2005, I have discovered the process of receiving actionable messages from who knows who (the unknown) by clearing my mind of all emotional thoughts. To me, this is a sort of meditation, fully awake. For example, I can receive information just walking somewhere. I've even learned to recognize the difference between these received messages and my own thoughts. The messages stream in at a constant rate. I'm finding that reading even the most general daily astrological sign prediction for my sign, Libra, reinforces the truths of the messages. I believe this process I'm going through (not unique to me) is the way of our future because it brings us closer to intuitive thought, which in turn leads to creating our world through thought.

My conclusion is astrology plays a significant role because it helps nurture our thoughts.

Rich Fiori

Dear Rich,

In many ways, intuition is the heart of the matter, where awareness is concerned. It's subtle but so important. I am with you that astrology helps nurture and give a framework for both thought and intuition. Astrology also wakes up both sides of the brain, and these days, we need all the help we can get.

Dear Eric,

I have found the astrological commentaries on Planet Waves and the Cainer site, along with Philip Sedgwick, to be very interesting and useful in finding a direction in life when the world seems to be turning on it's head. I used to have therapy but have found that working consciously with my astrological environment as relayed to me by the professionals on the given sites, does something more for me. It's hard to put into words, but it's between me and I, instead of me and another human being with an ego and all the trappings. No complaints; my therapist is a wonderful person; astrology is just different and it hits the spot. I do hope all the promises for Libra are going to come to fruition this coming year. It's been a long haul and I have been very courageous!!! You see!!! More Self worth!! Not arrogance. Thank you, all of those concerned, and please keep up the good work.

-- Jil

Dear Jil,

At different stages of the journey, we have different needs. You are in a space where astrology enhances your relationship with yourself, which is just what it's designed to do best. There are other times when we deeply need another person to bear direct witness and be an example over a period of time, and for those moments, therapy is more appropriate.

For everyone: I would like to take the opportunity to point everyone again to what I've found is the best book on the subject, called A General Theory of Love. I've also written much about the nature of therapy on these pages during the past 12 months; please have a look at the archives if you're interested.

Thanks for writing, Jil!

Dear Eric,

This year was an experience for us.

While both Mercury and Mars were retrograde and Saturn was stationary to go retrograde, my husband Bill was fortunate to walk away from what could have been a fatal car accident. The semi driver said his new $300 car catcher metal bumper had bounced away my husband's car. The semi's older plastic bumper would have crumpled and driven right over my hubby in his two-seater red sports car. Bill had accelerated in an interstate merge lane to keep ahead of the semi, but hit a wet spot and went into several spins. A typical Sagittarius, he said, "It's a good thing the truck hit me and stopped the car spinning. I think I was in the second spin when we hit." Bill didn't have a bruise or any soreness. It was a good, early birthday present.

A comparison of Bill’s natal chart with the transits of the wreck shows these items.

The transiting Mars lit up his cardinal cross and the ascendant-descendent axis with a biquintile to my husband's natal Libra Mars, and a sesquisquare to Natal Sag Sun. Mars also made a trine to natal Cappy Moon. The transiting Mars was also in Bill's 8th natal house, the house of death.

Transiting Chiron was an exact conjunction with his natal 4th house Cappy Pholus.

Transiting retrograde Saturn was sextile to natal Libra Saturn and trine to natal Sag sun.

I'd once read that Mars on the ascendant made a person accident-prone. It’s certainly been the case with my husband.

Your fan,

Dear Sue,

Well, that's impressive and I am very happy to here that Bill seems to be on exceedingly good terms with both Mars and God! Please send him my regards.

Dear Eric,

I've learned a lot from reading this column. I was always glad to know about the Mercury retrogrades so I could share with friends who were not studying astrology. When they would call and tell me their stories during these retrogrades, we could always find a connection. Then observe what happened when Mercury would station and then go direct. This does help with learning how these planets affect us.

The info on the Aries Point is great for beginners, as one who can say, I really had never heard of this before Astrology Secrets Revealed.

I personally have submitted a couple questions that were answered in the column. One had to do with casting a chart without the actual birth time of the person. Also information I have passed along that has been very helpful.

I was also considering starting a local astrology group and using this column as the basis of discussion. There is so much info contained in the weeks and weeks of columns, I plan to reread many and continue my education.

Thanks for the opportunity to speak.

Peace Fresno xx

Dear Peace,

Mercury is always retrograde. Okay not really, but for those who are wondering, the shadow phase ended Wednesday, the same day as the solstice. We are now in two months of "Mercury Normal", but during this time we get to experience a Venus retrograde that will last until the next Mercury retrograde. The suggestion is something like, the past is not quite over yet -- but almost. Good to hear from you!

Dear Eric:

The big bonus of your astrology writing for me this year has been his in-depth and fascinating commentary and explanations on Chiron in Capricorn as well as the other Centaurs. As a Cappy, this has been very reassuring during what has been a very painful part of my life. I felt and am experiencing the changes in my own energy and that of the world and it's dramas as Chiron moved into Aquarius.

I read your blog every day and it centers me and allows me to understand life from a much deeper and surer perspective. No longer does the news reflect chaos and uncertainty. Instead it is the movements of the heavenly bodies around us, of which I am an intrinsic part. Thanks Eric.

-- Pod

Dear Pod,

You are welcome. Much more to come on the Centaurs, which are in many ways the star of the show in 2006. And you can now get an "I survived Chiron in Capricorn" tee shirt.

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