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Thank you for reading and participating in the Astrology Secrets Revealed column by Eric Francis. Each week we take a few questions and respond to our readers.

When you submit a question, you are granting permission for us to print the question and an answer. You understand and agree that once your question is submitted, both the question and the response may be read by many people.

Due to the number of questions received, we cannot respond to or publish all questions.

We will not publish your last name or email address. We may publish your birth data or chart unless you request otherwise. Please write out your birth data longhand, such as "June 1, 1975." We also need your place of birth and your time of birth, if available, to cast a proper horoscope.

Please keep your question as short as possible. Shorter, well thought-out questions will be given priority. It's a good idea to refine the question, and rewrite it before submitting it, so you are really clear what you are asking. It is also a good idea to show it to someone else for their opinion.

A response to your question is not a substitute for professional astrological counseling.

If you agree, you may submit your question by clicking this link and mail to:

Thank you for submitting your question.
Comments are also welcome. We appreciate each and every letter.

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