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Astrology Secrets Revealed: Eric Francis Answers Your Questions
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Secrets Revealed About Astrology Questions & Answers!

Dear Readers Round the World,

Astrology Secrets Revealed will be continuing in 2006, though at the moment I am still catching my breath from Parallel Worlds, the Planet Waves annual horoscope. So what I'm going to do this week is take an opportunity to reintroduce this column to readers, and share a bit about how you can participate.

The purpose of this column is just that: whenever possible, a reader forum for the exchange of ideas, questions, and comments.

Astrology can be applied to any subject, and we've certainly had some experience with that on these pages. We've looked at some of the most personal life situations, and also explored global issues as well. Both are equally meaningful to study and understand if we want to understand astrology. We need to take up our responsibility of helping the world -- and we need to grow, heal and take care of ourselves.

Finding our mission on the planet is intimately connected with finding our mission within our own lives; they are the same thing. So it's to the advantage of astrologers to be a bit worldly and to look beyond astrology for information at the same time we seek to understand astrology itself.

We're at a point of awakening on the planet where a rapidly increasing number of people are beginning to get the message that it's time to participate, and many are now starting to look for ways to express it. Astrology is a meeting place of personal and global issues because we all share the same planets and symbols; we live together on one world, in one cosmos.

One theme that's developed on these pages, and taken on a life of its own, is the Aries Point (scroll down for article). This is the first degree of the tropical zodiac; the beginning of Aries; the place in the sky where the Sun is on the first day of Northern Hemisphere spring. Speaking of things having a life of their own -- this point has one and, it is most significant that there will be a total eclipse right there at the end of March.

About Questions and Answers
Before asking a question, I suggest you scan through the archives to see what we've covered since this column began in the spring of 2004, right after the Venus Transit of the Sun. In addition to many major news events, as well as the associated aspects and planetary sign changes, we've got at least some writing on most of the basic aspects of studying astrology. The archives are searchable at this link if you scroll down a little.

With these columns, I'm doing my best to explain everything I've learned in the 11 years I've been studying, writing, and working with people astrologically. I take a spiritual and psychological approach rather than a predictive one. This makes it difficult to respond to questions in the "tell me what's going to happen" genre. If somebody said that in an astrology session, I could work with them on the idea of how they influence their life, rather than life happening to them passively.

But when somebody writes a letter, I can' have that discussion. It would be much better suited to radio, where there could be some real interaction. Simply put, to have a letter about a personal issue or subject taken on by this page, you need to be taking some responsibility for the process.

In other words, if someone writes, "Will my ex-boyfriend come back to me?" that is difficult to answer. It's much easier if you say something like, "My boyfriend left me, these are the patterns I seem to have in my relationships, what does my chart have to say about this?"

The difference is not subtle!

This column is nicely suited to help people with their astrology studies. I know how challenging and also how much fun it is to study astrology, and the idea of Astrology Secrets Revealed is to make information, tools and ideas available.

Personally, I prefer to teach through chart examples and use theory sparingly. Instead of giving a dissertation on squares, I think it works better to look at a chart or two with squares and see how they actually work out in real life. Often discussions like this will be integrated into other themes subjects, and you're as likely to find information you're looking for in one of the longer chart discussions as you are in looking for a specific question about your subject.

That being said, we are working on a Frequently Asked Questions section that will be ready in a month or two.

Astrology students can bring to this space any aspect of the work, including what they need to know to work with others. Actually in the 80 editions of this column, I don't think we've seen a single question addressing the concerns of those who are embarking on the path of doing astrological readings or sessions for other people, and I would welcome having a dialog on that subject.

I'm also happy to consider questions on tarot and other forms of divination.

Meanwhile, remember, this column is indeed made possible by your thoughtful questions; so please think through your ideas carefully, write a couple of drafts, and send it in. We also welcome your comments -- about astrology, about what you read here, and about life in general.

Someone named Arwynne O'Neill in Vancouver BC goes over all your questions and helps me choose the ones that will work best on these pages.

If you've sent in a question before, and have not seen it answered, you may resubmit it. However, if you're resubmitting a question, it would probably help if you rethink and rewrite it -- and then make a note on top. We will do our best to get to it, but of course we have many more questions than time permits.

Thank you for the privilege of doing this column -- it's a lot of fun, and when I'm writing I get the image of people in obscure, quiet places reading late at night, and I think of you.

Catch you next week with a regular edition, happy Cancer Fool Moon, and remember that daily updates continue on the front page of Planet Waves.

Yours and truly,


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