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Dear Eric,
I am a Libra. I hear that when Venus makes its transit to the Sun, this will affect me, but how?
Sally, Sussex

Dear Sally
I believe that because Venus is associated with Libra, this event does carry a special message for Libra, yet that does not diminish its message for everyone in the human family. Events around the Venus and the Sun meeting on June 8 will reveal what a truly important messenger for peace and understanding you have been in your lifetime. No matter how influential you are, and no matter how many people your ideas reach, you still may not fully grasp the extent to which you have touched the hearts and minds of many, some of them very far away. I see this as a moment of revelation for you, Sally, and a moment of birth into the person you have always wanted to be, and who in truth you have always been.

Dear Eric
As a Taurus, how do you think the Venus-Sun transit will affect my life?
Gemma, Dublin

Dear Gemma
Venus is the ruler or patron planet of Taurus. In the Taurus solar chart, this transit happens in the second house, or Gemini. Taurus is the second sign; Gemini is the second sign from Taurus; this is pretty cool. My take is that the Venus transit will help you resolve some of the ambivalence you may be feeling about life that has prevented you from knowing exactly what you want. Venus, Taurus and the second house all have one thing in common, and that is VALUES. What is the value you put on yourself? How much is material, and how much is spiritual? And what is the conflict between the two? For Taurus, I would offer this quote from A Course in Miracles: "Every decision you make stems from what you think you are." That, I think, is the message of the Venus transit for Taurus.

Dear Eric
Do you think astrology will ever be proven by science?
John, Manchester

Dear John,
Astrology came first. When people attempt to mix astrology and science I am always reminded of things like whether technicians will be able to prove that a painting is beautiful or that a symphony is emotionally moving. And let's say they can. Who really cares? Why do people need to have proof of everything? Proof is not a substitute for faith, or for imagination. If you ask me what makes astrology significant is whether it is personally meaningful to an individual. Astrology also does something that is beyond the reach of orthodox science: it deals with unique situations. By definition, something must be replicable in order to be established by science, and the best things in life happen just once. Astrology is mysticism. It is about curiosity. It is part of the search for meaning in life; thank God something is.

Dear Eric
I have a question I for you. Can two people who met each other during a Mercury Retrograde (on May 10, 2003) and have turned out to truly be star-crossed lovers (it's very much love-hate), ever fight their way past the stars to being happy?
June, Brighton

Dear June
A lot of good things happen during Mercury retrograde. And plenty that could go wrong works out just fine. Yes it can also be challenging, but I would not want to make any predictions just based on Mercury retrograde.
Yet this condition (which happens three times a year) comes with certain messages. One of those messages is to be a devoted communicator. Communication begins with "co" which means it's something done together. Good communicators are always good listeners. I would dare to say most relationships could stand some improvements in this regard; one good listener can save the relationship. I suggest you set the example by being an excellent listener and really hearing what your partner has to say.
However, I am concerned about the "love-hate" quality you describe. There is more to this picture than Mercury retrograde. You both may be caught up in unresolved past issues that have nothing to do with one another. And while the circumstances may well be described by astrology, you need to ask yourself whether this is your idea of a fulfilling relationship. The listening you need to do may well be to yourself.

Dear Eric
I have a question: Sometimes I feel incredibly 'in touch' with my horoscope, other times much less so. Why is this? Thanks
Ross Brooks, Oxford

Dear Ross
Both people and planets run on natural cycles. It could be that your favourite astrologer is emphasising different things than you are experiencing, and it could be that something is happening in your personal chart that is "over-riding" the more generalised readings that you find in the newspaper. It sounds like you have an interest in astrology that might go beyond the daily horoscope. If so, a very big world of adventure is awaiting you. The way to start is by having your chart done by an astrologer or chart service, or going to an astrology bookshop and getting a book for beginners. But watch out -- you may be hooked.

Dear Eric
Does a daily or weekly zodiac forecast change according to where you are in the world?
Angela, London

Dear Angela
Let's say a certain horoscope columnist suggests that you will be having a romantic spaghetti dinner that night, as one did yesterday for me. That might be difficult if you were on a scientific expedition in Antarctica.
Apart from that, personally, I don't think so -- not a daily or weekly horoscope. Experience of syndicated columnists has shown that those work just as well all over the world. But there is something called locational astrology and it works quite well, but it requires your place and time of birth to be factored into the equation.

Dear Eric
I am a Cancer woman who is having a long distance relationship with a Capricorn. He says he is not seeing anyone else, however, I do not believe him 100%. I do not want to seem over jealous or possessive, but there are doubts.
Annette, Leeds

Dear Annette
Being jealous is one thing, but having your doubts is another thing. Considering that you are a Cancerian, any astrologer worth their salt will tell you to trust your feelings and instincts first. But totally apart from astrology, you must trust what you feel no matter what anyone else says. You are describing something that sounds like something more than the work of a "suspicious mind." While your partner might not be having an affair, you are having trust issues in this relationship. Trust is nothing if you don't trust yourself. At a certain point you're going to need to do just that and make a decision.

Dear Eric
I am at a crossroads and need advice. I am moving out of my boyfriend's, who I've been with for 8 years, as I am not sure where it's going. I'm also finishing my job in June in hope of developing my radio/DJ career. Sometimes it feels like the best decision and other times the worst.
Shannon, Wales

Dear Shannon
Actually, you sound excited, like you're taking risks that you're finally ready to take. I bet this has been building up for a long time. I'm not looking at your chart, but in astrological terms it sounds to me like the work of Saturn or Pluto -- and in human terms, like you're ready to really live your life instead of your fears. This is a point of no return -- you are describing that distinct feeling of "no turning back." And if that is the case, then don't look back, because it's time to make changes and begin this new and exciting stage of your life. What you risk in uncertainty you gain in potential. As for your relationship: remember, you can only love today, not tomorrow.

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