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Extreme Sports: The Inter Eclipse Zone

Dear Friend and Reader:

I PREDICT that this will be the shortest edition of Astrology Secrets Revealed in human history -- so far. It's always a hectic week when I am asked to stand in for Jonathan, and the astrology is always the most interesting it's been for ages. I can see him up late at night long in advance, carefully studying Raphael's Ephemeris, looking for the most convoluted astrological days of the year, during which he plans his favorite vacation: a bit of rest and relaxation at the mystical full-costume rollerparabungeeskiing pyrotechnic archery retreat in India.

This sport, which is designed to train the mind and soul as well as condition the physical body and several different astral bodies, involves dressing up as your favorite historical figure from your past five or six thousand lifetimes, then donning skis equipped with little wheels and being connected to a parasail by a bungee cord. Then you kind of leap off of a really high mountain, and while you're sailing through the air, simultaneously bouncing along like Tigger, you shoot a flaming arrow at the Sun, and then several minutes later finally casually roll into the retreat center's organic café at a fairly high velocity -- where a tall, cool glass of fresh carrot juice awaits you.

Vegetarian meditation and contact improv disco yoga are taught in the evenings, followed by several hours of stargazing with a guru who is also Galileo's reincarnation. This experience would be enough to provide any astrologer with enough material for the next couple of months of exciting daily predictions. However, as for the astrology right now, I think it's just a pure coincidence how 'interesting' it gets these vacation weeks, but since it IS so interesting, I'll briefly go over the aspects. Then, I must get back to Monday's and Tuesday's predictions, which I plan to write in my new Intel Macintosh-equipped mobile amphibious submarine office/photo studio prowling around beneath the canals of Amsterdam. This is what you could call a radical underwater movement.

Note first that we are in the interval between two eclipses. Earlier this week there was a somewhat subtle lunar eclipse (so subtle indeed that Raphael's Ephemeris does not even list it as an eclipse, though other ephemeredes do -- but not so subtle that you could not really feel the thing blow through your mind and neighborhood). That was the Virgo Full Moon, and when the Sun reaches the Aries New Moon in about 12 days from this writing (Wednesday, March 29) we have a full-on total solar eclipse.

That is a total eclipse of the Sun on the Aries Point, which is the 'big news' point and the 'the personal is political' zone in the zodiac. Here is the summary of the Aries Point from the Astrology Secrets Revealed archives.

So that is the context. Everything, everyone, all of us, all human events, our thoughts and our feelings, are currently being drawn into this eclipse, which is like a time vortex around which lots of other stuff is orbiting. As the day approaches, a wide diversity of potentials and probabilities will focus into what we think of, or experience, as 'fate'. In fact, we are in the stage of choosing from among the possibilities right now -- so look carefully for them and at least set your intentions. When we get there and look back it will all seem predestined; it was -- in the 'pre' time leading to the event, now. Speaking personally, I suggest you take this choosing seriously because your decisions have greater impact, even if you don't know you're making them.

As for news, I cannot imagine what could possibly occur to match this astrology, but I am doing my best to keep it positive. Also note that an eclipse like this can get pretty significant results that are two or three months off, though based on several other factors that I'll go over in more detail next week, I think we will see some very impressive stuff right around that day. The main one involves Pluto stationing retrograde on the Galactic Core.

Working backwards in time, we come to Mercury stationing direct in Pisces. That occurs Saturday, March 25. When Mercury stations, it holds still for a few days and then takes off pretty quickly. When the 3/29 eclipse happens Mercury is still slow and powerful but gaining speed. It is exactly square or 90 degrees away from something called the Great Attractor (this is NOT the Galactic Core, but it's fairly near the Galactic Core in mid Sagittarius).

The Great Attractor is a kind of morally neutral point that makes things seem vastly bigger and also creates a sense of polarization. People with strong Great Attractor placements may be a combination of popular and unpopular, but the thing is, nobody can really do much about either.

Mercury stationing direct is an event associated with the revelation of secrets and mysteries. So imagine this happening in Pisces, square the Great Attractor. It sounds like something big and extremely imaginative. Actually it sounds kind of unbelievable, as well as deniable, but very likely true.

Also on the 25th, Mars trines Neptune and Venus is parallel Neptune (as well as being closely conjunct Neptune). The Sun in Aries is exactly trine Saturn in Leo. Note, these are a LOT of planetary aspects. The planets don't move that fast and when they suddenly all start to go off at once, it's pretty unusual.

Next, working backwards, the Sun makes a semi-square to Neptune on March 24. While I would not normally mention a semi-square, because Jupiter is in an [actual] square to Neptune, that is a lot of emphasis and it does suggest that we need to do more than usual sorting out of what is real and what is not. We are getting a heck of a lot of Neptune lately. Is something up with water? Harkening back to the Saturn in Leo articles from the summer, the ones about levees breaking, we are still seeing this phenomenon of dams bursting on a pretty regular basis. Let's hope China and Turkey stay dry.

March 21 is the vernal equinox, when the Sun enters the tropical sign Aries and the midpoint of when day and night are of equal length. The Equinox is the beginning of the astrological year and the day that the Sun crosses the 'sidereal vernal point' or Aries Point, which is the first degree of the tropical zodiac. This is one of those larger than life days. It is more than just birds chirping in the northern hem and autumn leaves in the southern. The equinox is one of the great power points of the year, when every coven meets.

On March 19 Mercury comes in for its second exact square to Mars. This is part of the Mercury retrograde process. In one's personal life, beware of personal tensions getting out of hand -- and the potential for some very hot sex vibes. The feeling is a bit controversial but easily converted to passion.

On March 17 (that is, Friday) the Sun makes an exact square to Pluto. This is one of those turning point aspects, where everything can seem uncomfortably clear, urgent and ready for action. Don't let this one pass you by without doing something you might not normally do. The feeling may be obsessive and a bit mystical, but the opportunity is there to get past a belief, or somehow challenge yourself to accomplish something that helps you build your confidence in a significant way.

March 16 is Jupiter square Neptune, part two. Jupiter is in Scorpio this year and Neptune has been in Aquarius for about eight years; this is the second time they are meeting in an exact square, out of three in total for this cycle. I've been walking around for days trying to get a concrete image of this aspect, and maybe the reason I can't is because there is nothing remotely concrete about it.

Here we have the two rulers of Pisces squaring off at 90 degrees. This feels a little nervous, uncertain, and like it might go elsewhere for clarity. The square aspect says: don't go elsewhere, stay close into your own feelings and intuition and keep at it until you get the information you need. As you can see from reading this article, a lot develops over the next 12 days or so and with the eclipse at the other end, those 12 days will progress quickly.

But they are days not to be missed.

Hopefully this little sailing guide will keep you up to date. Next week I'll be back with another 'special' edition of Astrology Secrets, covering the solar eclipse -- then questions and answers will resume the following week.

Please stay in touch, and thanks for reading. Daily updates and photos continue at Planet Waves, and remember, Astrology Secrets Revealed is sponsored by your subscriptions to Planet Waves Weekly.

Yours & truly,


PS: A mere 1,425 words not including this PS -- a world record.

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