From Mystic Wendy

January 15 2014 09:07 AM, Hollywood, Florida - 4 GMT 080° 09' W 26° 01' N,

Tropical Zodiac - Placidus Houses\

Aquarius is rising, definitely a Capricorn male. They share secrets and admiration for each other. There is discord in current relationship of plant owner, divorce is imminent. Tears are being shed and dried quickly. Violent quarrels seem to resonate between plant owner and current private in home life and has spilled into hearing of neighborhood.

This is a secret admirer and the loyalties go to Female plant owner. There is a sadness, fear and confusion surrounding Capricorn and a loving desire to "fix' what is wrong, hence the stirrings of this desire require moving the plant in secret at night.

The plant benefits from being moved with the angle of the rising and setting sun and needs the movement to thrive.

The secret admirer lives close and interacts with plant owner, is of a different caste but loves the plant owner. There is a mountain close by. The terrain feels like a plantation. Sexual attraction and honorable intentions from the male entity moving the plant. This man loves to work in the earth, he is not a farmer, perhaps a landscaper or manager of those who landscape and is very skilled in such matters. He has traveled a long distance to be in his current position and has found a "new" life, a fresh start in his present position.

Capricorn lives on property and manages others, very loyal, single, loves the lady. This affair will culminate in physical love in the sign of Leo, this year and from there who knows, that is a different question.

The person moving the plant is a single male from a foreign culture or tradition who manages others and lives on or close to property. He wants more exposure and a closer relationship to the woman. He is very charming and ambitious, he Knows the soil and the growth of plants very, very well.

There is a staunch quiet loyalty from neighborhood on the side of the woman who owns the plant. The loyalty to this woman is strong and the movement of plant indicates that there is an awareness of escalating difficulties in home that will most definitely be fully exposed by August, a secret message of course, she is not alone, although she feels she is. I see a separation of property in almost a legal, (not quite legal,) more of a bartering type of energy with "settlement" in September 2014. This bartering is fraught with politics, religious conflicts and overall general sneakiness initially. I am not seeing an end to negotiations in 2014 however this is tempered by increased neighborhood involvement and monitoring of breakup. The very soonest settlement issues could be reached is 18 months and this is optimistic at best. The ultimate outcome at this point indicates that the lady who owns the plant remains on the property.

The woman has serious issues with current home life and this should break apart soon. Neighborhood activity will protect both parties and prevent deadly violence. There is no malice on the part of the townspeople/involved neighbors they love both owners. In different ways, they recognize the strengths and weaknesses in each.. the lady is loving and blossoms when working amongst health issues with near neighbors, some indication of pediatric care and animal husbandry/veterinarian expertise. Her husband is an excellent politician and is arrogant, smart and wealthy. He values city living and the action of politics and big business far more than a quiet country life. He does not want to compromise and feels he "owns" the woman, although he does not want to hurt her, he does not want to help her, his attitude is one of lord and master. Both are wrong and both are right, they are Not soul mates, this is a mismatch mating.

'And so life marches on, with all of its sham, drudgery and broken dreams it is still a beautiful world', (I do not know the author of this excerpt but I love the words and have taken the liberty to use them in this reading.)

The chart I cast was for the moment I read the question 00.20am. 09.01.14

For those who have been enjoying the saga of Isabel's mysteriously moving plant pot, here are some of the readings and letters I have received. The last one, from Pamela, is the letter from the Horary astrologer who seems to be sticking most closely to the traditional rules as laid down by the great William Lilly. But the real judge must be the reader who sent the letter in the first place. We wait with baited breath for her comments... which I shall, of course, publish here as soon as I get them.

(Please note, the different astrologers have used different times and, in some cases, dates with which to prepare their charts. This is entirely in keeping with tradition. All that counts, in Horary astrology, is the moment the question first reaches the attention of the individual astrologer.)

Horary Pottery - The Mystery of the Moving Plant Pot

From Paul

The ruler of the Libra Asc is Venus.....conjunct Pluto Sun and Mercury in Capricorn on the IC. These are squareMars conjunct ASc and square Uranus and Moon (in the 7th) in Aries. The Grand Cardinal Cross is completed by Jupiter at the top of the chart conjunct MC. Only Saturn, Neptune and Chiron are outside of the Cardinal Cross. There is, as yet, a man who is about to reveal himself! Approx 2 weeks ago Isabel experienced "an encounter." Since then the man in question has had his life turned upside down, has tried every which way to rationalise this crazy love, and has finally decided to attract her attention with a series of surprises. I would expect there to be, within a week, a communion of souls at work bringing about the most efficacious outcome! Dreams really can come true! Toodle Pip!

From Julie

I have just read Isabel's comments on the page for 9 January. Someone keeps moving her pot plant in the night. I want to say to Isabel.... There are no mistakes in life. If this keeps happening, there is a bell clanging for you to pay attention. You are the pot plant. Are you stuck in a rut? Are you staying put because it is safe and yet know something else beckons? Over the past few years I have been more and more astonished at how what happens in my life externally reflects what is happening internally for me. I think the fact that this keeps happening is a strong message to you Isabel. You need movement in your some form.

From Pamela Robertson

The Mystery of the Moving Plant Pot

Horary Question 10 January 2014 8.03am GMT Aberdeen 02w04 57n10

Regiomonanus Houses Ascendant 6 degrees Capricorn

Well this is an interesting, albeit rather bizarre, question. I have drawn up the chart for the time I received the actual question and from my location which is standard procedure, and I have taken Isabel to be the querent which seems sensible and prevents tying oneself up in knots by having to turn the chart.

William Lilly's methods are the ones I follow most closely, although also influenced by John Frawley's teachings.

This type of issue is similar to a lost/misplaced object question and as such I'd deal with it in a similar manner. Basically, we want to know if anyone has been in contact with Isabel's moveable possession. Therefore we have to look at said possession and see if there are any planets in close separating aspect to it.

If it does turn out that the plant has been tampered with, the difficulty then lies in translating the astrological symbolism of who might be moving it into real life. Lilly gives us a long list of suspects for any mislaid, lost or stolen object, so the problem will lie not in finding out if anyone has interfered with the plant, but whether we should hang the blame on next door's cat, the man who came to fix the plumbing, or the odd neighbour from down the road! It usually helps if the querent supplies a possible list of candidates, either those she lives with or those she suspects, but let's see what can be revealed:

Isabel is represented by Saturn sitting inside the cusp of the tenth house in Scorpio, a fixed sign. Her sanity or otherwise is not something we need to take into great consideration at this point, however the angular placement of Saturn and the general nature of the planet doesn't tend to cry out flight of fancy to me. The Moon is her co-ruler and placed in its exaltation in Taurus.

Moveable possessions are shown by the 2nd house of the chart, here the cusp is at 1 Pisces, and so the plant pot in question is represented by Jupiter. What we need to examine now is where Jupiter is placed in the chart and who, if anyone, has been in close recent contact by aspect with it? We also need to look for antiscion aspects, which can be important in these sorts of questions, given the furtive nature of the nocturnal movements.

Not essentially traditional, but I have noted that Neptune on the cusp of the second house. I only use the outer planets as markers, they reveal nothing that isn't shown elsewhere but can at times be useful, if significantly placed, for giving the chart a tenor. Neptune tends to throw a veil of deception over things, which could well mean that some level of trickery is at work here, but it could also very well mean that Isabel is deceiving herself!

Jupiter is sitting inside the seventh house, retrograde in cold and wet Cancer. It would be interesting to know when these movements started and if it coincided with Jupiter's change of direction and whether this planet is exposed to the outside elements. Jupiter has been involved in a number of difficult aspects recently, the closest being most noteworthy.

Cutting to the chase, we see that both Mars and the Moon are the main suspects in this case. Mars is in a close separating square to Jupiter by less than 1 degree. The Moon is also involved, having made a very close sextile to Jupiter. Looking at Mars more closely, it is important to note that there is no malice involved, indeed Mars receives Saturn into its exaltation, and mutually Saturn receives Mars into its traditional rulership. There is no harm meant, either to Isabel or the plant by this movement, indeed the two planets like each other a great deal. So what is going on?

Having gathered all the suspects into the room, I would conclude that there are two forces at work here, neither anything to worry about. I don't doubt for one minute that someone or something has moved this pot plant, with such a close aspect to Mars, there has been interference. However I think the male (Mars in masculine sign) who did this has been intending no harm or mischief. Mars rules both the tenth house of the chart and the third house. The tenth has no logical significance that I can ascertain, and the third draws most attention as the Moon is also placed there. The third, ruling neighbours and our daily round, tends (for want of more solid evidence in this chart) to indicate some well-meaning male neighbour perhaps thought they were doing Isabel a favour. It is also not too much of a stretch to think that it could have been a neighbour's pet (Mars is placed in the 6th house from the 3rd) who has taken a fancy to nudging the pot plant about. The aspect of the Moon is more interesting and puzzling though, and given that it's Isabel's co-significator I think she may have a hand in making slightly too much of this whole situation. So what should Isabel do? Absolutely nothing! All aspects are separating, and with no upcoming events I think she can put this problem behind her now and look forward to her pot plants remaining in situ.

It would be interesting to know other people's interpretations and in fact what Isabel manages to find out herself. All too often obscure questions make for unclear charts, and there is nothing I dislike more than being vague in my interpretations. I would always interrogate the querent a little further if possible.