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I have just received the following email from my old friend and colleague, Mick O'Neill.

Hi Jonathan,

There will be a very rarely visible occultation of Jupiter by the moon in the UK from around 2:50am BST on Sunday morning (15th July). What you will see is (part of) Jupiter disappearing behind the moon for about 10 minutes. As it's a Saturday night many may be able to stay up. Occultations are the ultimate conjunction though I suspect many astrologers have never witnessed one. How much will disappear depends on where you are in the UK. In the far south it should be total but in the north it will just miss. Weather forecast isn't great at the moment but there are glimmerings of hope in London and further west is better.

Here are some links with more info

Grazing Occultation of Jupiter
Moon Occults Jupiter - London times


I'll be staying up late to take a look. I'll let you all know what I see in it... if I actually manage to see it! I just thought I'd pass Mick's email on in case any readers in the UK also want to watch for it.

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