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Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

The New Royal Baby, a Hard Working Taurean

The new prince is born under the sign of Taurus, represented by the ox and ruled by the planet Venus - and shares his star sign with his great grandmother the Queen, who was born on April 21, 1926.

Royal Baby

Mighty Taurus is represented by the Ox, and there will definitely be aspects of his personality that will mimic this beast of burden's traits. But within this bullish body the soul of Zeus, king of the old gods, resides.

Taureans are blessed with an unbeatable combination of a strong work ethic, determination and practicality, intertwined with art, beauty, and a nature that is hungry for love.

On the surface it will seem that he does not really want attention; that his performance of public duties is through birthright and loyalty only.

But deep down, he will love the limelight, glamour, drama and attention.

His Moon, in Leo, points to a need for a very particular kind of high-grade attention. He will want to know that he has deserved it, earned it, and that any praise he gains is hard-won.

That's a tough ask for a royal child and there will be times when this Taurean will expect more than anyone might be willing to give him. This will be a key theme of his life: how to define and carve out a role where the credit is merited, not just given.

The other important part of his chart is the rising sign (or 'ascendant') - the sign that was rising over the Eastern horizon at 11.01am, the moment he was born - Cancer in his case.

With Cancer ascendant, he will ooze charm and come across as caring, warm, compassionate and big-hearted. The other sides of this Cancer aspect to his personality are aptly typified by the sign's symbol: the crab. He will have pincers - and a hard shell!

Living in the public eye, he will require a thicker skin than most. But these attributes will be defensive weapons rather than means of attack.

Those who receive his protection will appreciate the safety and comfort he provides; and they will happily tolerate an odd pinch of grumpiness during any occasional royal tantrum.

He has Mercury tensely aligned with Saturn, so he will crave to be taken seriously.

With a lack of air elements in his chart, he will feel a need to prove his intelligence.

And with this innate desire to stand his ground on key issues might reveal itself as stubbornness. But the kinder way to say that would be 'strong willed and resolute'.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of his horoscope is the fact that Mars and Pluto are aligned deep in his chart! Although this doesn't necessarily determine that he'll continue to throw toys from his pram in later life, it does point to passion and power! But most of all, it marks him out as bit of a dark horse. If there's a wild side, he'll want to walk on it, if there's a fire he'll want to play with it.

His Taurus Sun is just leaving a convergence with revolutionary Uranus. If he weren't already part of the monarchy, he could be the type of person who might want to abolish them! But in principle it also means he is likely to go further than anyone else to achieve the change he wants.

It could mean he ventures into territory best left unexplored. Mostly, however, it just speaks to his ability to live close to, but just on the right side of, the edge.

With Venus, his ruling planet, and Jupiter and Neptune aligned harmoniously in the sky, together with the attributes of Cancer rising, we cannot ignore the sensitivity of his soul, a character trait inherited from Cancerian Princess Diana perhaps, his paternal grandmother.

Maybe this is the ace up his sleeve, one that will allow him to make a royal flush of the cards he's been dealt. It's this sensitivity that will let him know when he can push his luck. It is a natural gift, but he must learn how to use it well. That will be the key to unlocking a life full of positive potential.

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