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Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer
Your Daily Horoscope, from Jonathan Cainer with Oscar Cainer

For a fun summary of the wedding day, click the video above and hear a song by Daniel Cainer first broadcast and performed live on Talk Radio with a video edited by Christine Lavin.

The Royal Wedding


What a day! After a build up that would have made the top storyline in any soap opera, (fuelled by the antics of Uranus - the change-maker creating upheaval) we can all breathe a sigh of collective relief that everything went to plan and a glorious day was had by all. The good news is that as Harry and Meghan tied the knot, the Sun wasn't the only celestial body smiling on their wedding day.

If we take the start of Harry and Meghan's service as the moment to look at the heavens we see fun-loving, regal, romantic Leo as their wedding chart's Ascendant. But their marriage only really started once the final 'I do' had echoed around St George's Chapel and the ink was drying on the register. That makes Virgo the rising sign for their marriage - a sign of duty and service that will add support and mutual appreciation to their partnership.

As the other great orb, the Moon, made a brief but powerful, harmonious alignment with optimistic Jupiter and blissful Neptune earlier in the day, it highlights the glamour and fairytale feel to the day and points to the royal couple's ongoing ability to break down barriers and create dynamic change as they bring the influence of their love on their work around the world. It reinforces their natural attraction too; Harry's Sun is in the same sign as Meghan's Venus, which makes them highly compatible and brings a magnetic quality to their relationship.

The Moon's opposition with Pluto in the wedding chart is a reminder that they've both led adventurous and independent lives. As long as they take time to negotiate the transition into public life together, their combined power will be thrilling to watch. They really can make a difference to the world.

Even with Harry's wealth of experience this represents a significant change of gear. But, it will be even more of a test for Meghan. On the big day, the Sun was opposite her natal Uranus which suggests that she'll face testing moments as she comes to terms with the protocols and limitations of her new ambassadorial role.

There's astrological help on hand though! All this Uranus energy at a Royal Wedding, and in Harry and Meghan's relationship chart, represents a breakthrough. The energy generated by the interest they receive can energise a tangible change for the better. The passion generated by their love will shake up tired old attitudes too. The last time Uranus was in Taurus, the King abdicated to pursue his love of an American divorcee. Now, under a strikingly similar astrological portent and with surprisingly comparable life histories, the future King's brother has married someone born outside the aristocracy. On one momentous day, the British monarchy was utterly modernised.

The most significant astrological factor (which affects us all) is the recent arrival of Uranus in Taurus, where it will remain until 2026. It's an indication of what Harry and Meghan can expect in the early years of their marriage. These two will upend stuffy royal protocol and bring modernity, even revolution, to this most 'establishment' of institutions. We can expect an electric atmosphere to surround them for years to come. Pastor Michael Curry's riveting performance exemplified this energy. The couple later chose to drive away in an electric-powered E-type Jaguar, a clear signal that they'll respect tradition, but do it in a modern way. Uranus in Taurus points to a life of humanitarian work, which may even cross the line into political and diplomatic involvement. Whatever they do, it will be sparky.

Of course no marriage is easy. The astrology of the Wedding day shows Saturn, the planet of hard work, aligned with Harry's natal Ascendant and opposed to Meghan's Mars. They will need to put work and time into their relationship if they want to keep the strength of passion and love that was so evident to the watching millions. Yet there is an overall optimistic feeling to their Wedding chart. It illustrates the power of love to triumph over adversity - and that's what a good love story is really all about

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