Jonathan Cainer's Mobile Horoscopes
Sat, 04 Mar 2017

Your March Monthly Forecast: Flanders and Swann wrote one of the most tragically beautiful love songs I've ever heard. It just so happens, however, that it was written about a short-sighted Armadillo trying to woo a rusty battle tank! Sometimes, what moves us takes a surprising form. Does that make it wrong? Hardly. Every day holds the potential to learn more about ourselves and, this month brings you opportunity a-plenty! Explore what seems different. You'll learn how to transform a part of your world that has seemed empty... so that it teems with life anew.

With the New Moon comes clarity. You really can get what you truly want and be who you are truly meant to be. And to help you there's 20% OFF a full horoscope chart reading. You need to read yours... it will amaze and inspire you. Download your reading today !

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